Food Circle

Hi there brave food surplus saver !!!

Welcome to our communication platform, Loomio. This is the place where we share information and save our discussions and voting, so you can review them at any time. This platform allows you to interact with other members of the network, i.e. to share information and comment on each others' ideas.
If you are new to Loomio, please read “How to use Loomio” to know what the hell is going on here.
A good practice to start with is introducing yourself at the “Welcome! Please introduce yourself” section down below. If you’re not sure what to write, and to get to know who is here, through reading posts of other members.

4 months ago we started to use Loomio while sitting together, some of the Food waste organisations in Amsterdam, to discuss the things we want to do together and how to structure and organise ourselves as a network.
At the end of May 2018 we had a meeting in which discussion tables were formed. According to the topics on these tables, we created threads here on Loomio, so the discussions can continue virtually if necessary, and to show new members what are we busy with, so anyone can jump in and participate.

If you press on “Recent threads” on the left side, you will find a summary of each of the three discussion tables we had. Down below that, you can see the actual entire thread and what each participant said.
We had a person on each table to write everything which was said.

Next to the discussion tables we did a voting which helps Food Circle to figure out how we can best assist your needs, interests and challenges, and helps other network members to get to know you better.
The more we share as members of this network, the easier it will be to assess the capabilities and limitations of each other and draw realistic goals on what we can reach through our collaboration. Therefore, (in case you haven't done so already) please place your voting by going to the "Decisions" button in the upper left corner. The voting closes on 15th of November.
Make sure to read how each voting method works, before casting your vote.

About our network
Food Circle is a network of Food Surplus Organisations (FSOs) which aims to increase the impact of FSOs and facilitate the collaboration between them. We do so by bringing FSOs together to discuss important issues and actions that we can do together, in order to raise public awareness and influence political decision-makers.

If you want to know more about what Food Circle did in the past few months, here is a brief overview:

  1. Organising workshops: previously we have organised a free pitching workshop at de Ceuvel in which FSOs pitched their initiative and got feedback from all participants to improve our presentation skills on the spot.
  2. Organising meetings: with the purpose of discussing strategies on how we can end food waste together. These are the meetings we had in the past: a. At World Disco Soup Day, 28th April: We shared our research data we collected from 10 FSOs. Presenting a prototype of our map that shows the location (pickup and drop-off points) of FSOs in Amsterdam. Food Circle volunteers also shared their possibilities to help all FSO's and how, which includes, but not exclusively, design work, promotional help, getting more volunteers / interns, and more. Feel free to ask for the full list, it will be posted here at a later date most probably. b. Brainstorm session, 29.5.2018 at Dokhuis, Taste Before You Waste head quarters: We discussed our next big steps, which data we need and how we want to structure and organise ourselves as a network. All of this is summarised in Loomio, as already mentioned above. It was the first time of using Loomio.
  3. Political involvement: We recently started a petition as an action of De KasKantine, one of our members, to be discussed in the Amsterdam city hall. The objectives of the petition can be reviewed here: https://stopvoedselverspilling.petities.nl. In total, we reached 1156 signatures (last updated: 10th October 2018).

Any questions?
Ask them in a new thread, send an email to [email protected], or whatsapp / call to +31642979456 (Coby)

If you wonder if there's a connection between FoodCircle and the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network (FSEN), then yes, FoodCircle is the new FSEN ;-) More catchy, right?