RISC-V Laptop Working Group

Welcome to the RISC-V Laptop Working Group!

Thank you very much for checking out this group! This group is intended to provide a centralized, unified, organized communication hub - a place we may all congregate to discuss the initial concept, planning, and direction of development for an open-source hardware/software laptop leveraging a RISC-V processor.

1. Be respectful, courteous, and professional. We are all on the same team with the same/similar goals, and no one has time to babysit.
3. Search for a potential existing solution before asking a question. We will try our best to keep things organized such that you may easily find the information you seek.
2. Do not hi-jack other's posts or threads. Find a relevant thread in which to contribute, and optionally provide a link where others may find supplemental information.

Invite others you feel could contribute to this conversation, and even if you are unable to contribute at a technical level, good ideas should not be shunned.

This group is a work in progress, so please let me know if you have ideas for organization (especially in the group's infancy) or administration (as we all only have so much free time)!