March 12 Symposium on flexible and/or temporary CBD Art Space in Wellington

Following the closure of the Urban Dream Brokerage in Wellington we are planning a participatory symposium event during the day on March 12 (10-4pm) that generates a joint outcome from those who can attend and for all artists in Wellington.

Our challenge: to bring a manifesto of actions to support artists with space in Wellington, to Wellington City Council for its Decade of Culture (2018-2028). This event has $5k from the Council (some of which has been spent in a prepatory event in November) and physical space support from Victoria University School of Architecture. I have booked the main atrium at Vivian street, to hold the event in, in homage to the symposium run by Dorita Hannah in 1998 on theatre design.

My time in co-ordinating will be self-funded (I will benefit through the PhD research). I appreciate all of your inputs. In particular if I can ask for contributions from you as fashion, music, theatre, visual and spatial designers it needn’t be a heavy organising event.

I encourage you all to note what you are willing and able to contribute and also thoughts around how we charge people for this event.

the good thing, is that we have had many conversations over the past 12 months about how and why and where of space. We are coming toward a clear, collective position even if we haven't been together before. I am a believer in the 100th monkey effect/ collective consciousness here.

Please play around with Loomio if you've not been here before. And if you would like to be admin on the group to add others on who are active and prepared to be conscious contributors on March 12, please let me know.