MMT Community Hall

"What is this space for?"

This Loomio group is a common space for projects and friends connected to the MMT ecosystem.

"Who is this space for?"

It is for friends and collaborators to stay in touch, learn, connect and contribute to the mmt ecosystem

Teams/Projects Connected to this MMT Community Hall)

  • MMT Software Devs
  • MMT Rails App Devs
  • CryptoKitties (Athens social center collaboration)
  • Cryptonites (London based Crypto Literacy Teaching Project)
  • LondonCryptoCircle (London Based Folks Onboarded into Crypto by Dan)
  • GreaterThan-MMT Collab (Collab with GreaterThan Finance around a grant by Dan)

Top Threads

Start here:
- Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Other sweet discussions:
- Reflection and Review on Phase 0, 1 & 2 of MMT