Navigators Group - TASK 2: Capturing Social Enterprise Sector Information and Insights

Thank you for joining Task 2 of SESP. The purpose of this sub-group is to discuss two activities that we invite you to participate in.

Task 2.1 Mapping the Support Infrastructure for Social Innovation in Queensland.
This activity asked Navigators to participate in listing organisations/individuals that are in the social enterprise sector. The Project Management Team has compiled the group's responses, and will provide initial feedback during Webinar 3 on 14th June.

Task 2.1 Feedback
We've collated the initial data from 26 Navigators and now we'd like you to check if there's any data missing. A google doc will be uploaded in Thread 2.1. Please contribute your data before Friday 28 June.

Task 2.2 Designing a survey to better understand the diverse social enterprises in Queensland.
In this activity, we will post a draft survey which we invite Navigators to add to, comment on and take ownership of. We aim to have a FINAL survey by the end of June with a launch soon after. In Task 2.2 we welcome your contributions.

We initiated Task 2 and provided further information and support at Webinar 2 on 31 May at 12:30. The recording for this webinar and the slides used are attached to this post (see below).