Journalism Agenda 2025

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2015 Global recognition of Global Journalism Crisis #GJC
2016 High-level recognition of Global Journalism Crisis #GJC
2017 Founding funding for Journalism Agenda 2025
2018 Initiate activities for Journalism Agenda 2025
2019 Commence operations for Journalism Agenda 2025
2020 First full review for Journalism Agenda 2025
2021 Attain funding targets for Journalism Agenda 2025
2025 3,500 new global journalism workers

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jagenda2025 is at an alpha-stage draft concept, blue-sky mining for solid, reality-based funding solutions towards the #globaljournalismcrisis.

jagenda2025 proposes a 10-year solutions-focused programme aimed at the Global Journalism Crisis.

Starting with an open newsroom approach that publicly raises ideas, then crowd-sources participation here on Loomio, as well as from responses to social networks.

Setting the agenda for concrete results, JA solutions outline actual targets, actual outcomes, starting with the 0.7% of global aid for world journalism.

Other ideas for funding, ethics, conduct codes, editorial charters, training, trust structures, accreditation and media accountability systems will also be raised for public debate.

This global journalism agenda builds on advocacy, monitoring and debate to demand action from donors, partners and practitioners.

Journalism Agenda 2025 aspires to next generation transparency and accountability, acting as an open newsroom and serving as a model for emerging 21st century-style journalism.

The Journalism Agenda is is unregistered, unincorporated and unconstitutional, the better to gather input into final forms. It goes beyond advocating open newsrooms, and is in the implementation phase, here, now.

Categorised here as a "social enterprise", JA envisions a non-profit, social enterprise trust structure to achieve its goals.