Online Consultation Process of the Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans Summit Series - Legacy

Reconciliation of the Western Balkan region and resolving of all ongoing bilateral issues are some of the key challenges that face the WB6 on their way to full membership in the European Union. We are aware that this process is arduous, and that it entails the involvement of all interested parties. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the formation of the Online Consultation Process for the Civil Society Forum which hopes to bring all CSOs from the Western Balkans which are involved in the process of reconciliation and solving of bilateral issues in the region, with the goal to jointly address these burning issues and find suitable solutions. 

We hope that, by joining this Online Consultation Process, you can indicate the main problems that you have come across while researching on these topics. We would benefit greatly from hearing out your viewpoints and efforts your organisation has put to address reconciliation and bilateral issues in the region. Thus, all relevant analyses and documents made by your or any other organisation that are related to these issues should be enlisted here. 

My name is Vasilije Krivokapić. I’m a researcher at Politikon Network (PIN), a think tank based in Podgorica, and I’ll be with you the next ten days with the common goal of defining the guidelines to create a working paper for the Civil Society Forum, which will be held in London and which is part of the Berlin Process. CSF Brief Legacy will enlist and address the main problems the WB6 face in their efforts to ensure that reconciliation in the region is concluded and that all ongoing bilateral issues are resolved.