Multi-stakeholder Social Value Platform that builds "non-profit" value motivated Social Enterprises. We build the "commons" (raw materials and completed products) known as Common Corps. This is done through SOCIALMARKET.com without property collectivism or socialism. We keep individualism through property and equipment ownership by individual members. This is unique and unlike traditional cooperatives, and collectives.

There has never been a true free market that has a:

1.) Commercial Commons and Social Market that allows members to pay each other 100% Fruit of Labor through ultra low taxed capital gains revenue.
2.) and establishes a living pension through 100% rebate of purchases every 120/months.

3.) Members lease all property to the Commercial Commons.
Together this is known as a Truly Free Market (Commercial Commons) or Common Corps.

This is the first time in some 267 years that a Commercial Commons is being established. We have learned alot from history of the Christmas City, Pa - Commercial Society and the 300+ Worker Cooperatives of the Knights of Labor of 1869.

You can join the "Common Corps" Knights, LCA (Limited Cooperative Association) through legal membership. Benefits include 100% Fruit of Labor earnings for collaboration based on historical aggregate hours, 100% rebate every 120/months on purchases as a living pension, and ability to lease property to the SOCIALMARKET to earn ultra low taxed capital gains.

For less than the cost of an Amazon Prime Membership ($7.30/month) we can change the world and start a new economy that works for everyone. This is not a new idea. It was first proposed by the Knights of Labor of 1869 though never fully adopted by the membership to establish a cooperative fund. The 300+ Worker cooperatives could have gained movement and momentum like never seen before. Though we have learned from the first commercial society and the first worker cooperative association that we need a truly free market that benefits everyone involved.
At the time a Commercial Society and a Worker Cooperative Association was groundbreaking. Today Common Corps and SOCIALMARKET is a grassroots regenerative system that benefits everyone. This includes business entrepreneurs, and investors that will find it difficult to beat the ultra-low capital gains revenue that SOCIALMARKET and the Commercial Commons creates through natural token exchanges.

Today we need A New Economy based on proven economics and systems to protect members from downsizing, recession, and inflation. SOCIALMARKET is the answer to these concerns as it acts like a firewall to protect members through GIFT Currency tokens.

There are 5 tokens that members can legally invest in as members of the Limited Cooperative Association.

1.) The First token is a U.S. Dollar gift certificate valued token to be used for purchases at the SOCIALMARKET. Named GIFT.USD
2.) The second would be a capital gains token that values the growth of property and U.S. Dollar investment into the Commercial Commons through exchange value with GIFT.USD tokens.
3.) The third token is a combination to the GIFT.USD (95%) and GIFT.GAINS (5%). This GIFT Currency is what members pay each other with to earn 100% Fruit of Labor based on new revenue introduced to the SOCIALMARKET each month based on historical aggregate hours that roll over to months that are collaborated.
4.) The fourth is an hours based token.
5.) The fifth is a U.S. Coin Silver based token used for external transaction and exchanges amongst members.

As members you can invest in these 5 tokens and all property that is leased to the Commercial Commons earns capital gains tokens (GIFT.GAINS)

This is the first time everything the commercial commons requires to run social enterprises are an opportunity for ultra-low taxed capital gains revenue earning by individual members. This creates the first truly natural regenerative system. This is A New Economy that hedges the downsizing, recession prone and inflation based economy to allow members to earn short or long term capital gains and form the foundations of our social enterprises.

This can all be achieved through a U.S. Dollar membership fee each month for consumers, collaborators and community investors. This fee is not a fee at all though a guarantee to other members that U.S. Dollars will be exchanged for tokens to create liquidity. Each new member creates additional liquidity each month with their membership dues. This is also an industry first.