MAMA Hotline Mentoring System

Welcome to the MAMA hotline mentoring project!

We are very glad to have you on board and we hope that these sessions will be beneficial to you and that some of the knowledge received can be incorporated into the hotlines practices.

In this Loomio platform, we hope to enhance collaboration and exchange among the MAMA existing hotlines and organizations looking to set up future hotlines. The goal of this discussions is to offer a continuous and open space where we can share experiences, knowledge, best practices, challenges, resources, etc. under 5 different topics :  

  1. Hotline operation systems
  2. Medical abortion information and protocols
  3. Security plan framework
  4. Communication and visibility strategies
  5. Staffing practices and staff training

These Loomio discussions will have TICAH and WHW as the conveners and coordinators to facilitate regular and ongoing exchange and support, but the success of this project will always depend on your active participation!

The aim of this discussions is to accompany and reinforce the Webinars that will take place once a month on the same topics.