EarthStrike United States

Rule 1
Be respectful. Refrain from personal attacks or insults. We all get upset and there's nothing wrong with that, but don't go so far as to be hurtful. Don't harass or purposefully upset others.
Rule 2
Working Class Solidarity. Earth Strike is a worker-controlled, worker-centered movement - as any strike would be. Earth Strike US stands in strong solidarity with the American working class, and against the ruling class that exploits them.
Rule 3
No Spam/Harmful Content. Keep spam out of chats, and absolutely no NSFW content. Keep the server PG-13. No use of bigoted language or slurs (except b y usage of self-reclamation).
Rule 4
No Harmful Ideologies. Earth Strike US rejects racism, misogyny, homo/trans-phobia, and ableism. Earth Strike US stands in hard opposition to colonialism, imperialism, nationalism, and fascism. This includes US imperialism and intervention, colonialism, and We stand in opposition to genocide, ethnic cleansing, and forced cultural integration.
Rule 4.5
No Police Apologism. We oppose state-sanctioned oppression in the form of unjust laws, unjust enforcement of laws, military and/or police occupation, state-sanctioned suppression of dissent, and other forms of state or government-sanctioned oppression.
Rule 5
Consensus Decisions. Decisions for Earth Strike US will be primarily made through consensus-based decision making. Votes should be avoided. Work together to reach a solution that is the best for everyone. We are all on the same side.
Rule 6
Channel Use. Try and keep conversations within their appropriate channels. Please listen to moderators when asked to move channels.