Sat 11 May 2019 7:13PM

Earth Strike USA reorganization

R RedBeard Public Seen by 155

Right now, the USA national discord/organization is in sever need of restructuring. The following is what has been planned through 2 recent re organization meetings.

  • The destruction of the NO role.
    • This role has in the past caused trouble, and also lead to the placement of too much responsibility on the shoulders of one individual.

    • The deletion of many discord channels. • This will particularly effect the regional channels (Appalachia channels, California etc.) (if a region is only organizing on the US discord, we will not delete their channels, but it is suggested that they try to find another platform).
    • Only a few channels/roles will remain. The goal of these remaining Teams is to assist local ES groups wherever possible (Graphics team creating graphics for local groups etc.) • Graphics Team • Outreach Team (including Latinx and indigenous) • Social media Team • Youth Team • Communications Team
    • The ultimate goal of this reorganization is to bring organizing down to a very local level, and create a significantly more user-friendly server and organization.

This thread will be open to suggestions, questions, and anything else.

If you want to talk about it on discord, ping RedBeard in the discussion channel.

Sorry for this type-up being a little bit unprofessional. Again if you need any clarification, please ask.


Natalie Williams Sat 11 May 2019 8:45PM

I like the idea of slimming down. Personally and when it comes to any organization. We need boots on the ground at this point and we're sorely lacking them here in the U.S. in many regions. I'd like to see the National Discord be cast in more of a Support Role for Local Servers/Groups: they could direct us to contacts in our areas, provide trainings, help craft messaging, and be points of contact for various local organization issues/inquiries.

I like the idea of streamlining the US server, because, frankly darlings, I get lost in there a lot. There are so many channels, that I forget which one I was talking to whom on and I'm on three ES servers on Discord, tho my local one is very, very quiet . . . Sometimes Less is More and K.I.S.S. is a great stress reducer!


pupandpup Mon 13 May 2019 4:39PM

For the social media team, are they going to write posts for just the Earth Strike US page? Or will they be expected to assist any teams without social support?

Communications Team - Will they be helping with press releases? What is their role?


pupandpup Mon 13 May 2019 4:39PM