Sheffield Arts+Tech

Group for discussing / making decisions around Sheffield Arts+Tech (one decision we need to make is to come up with a better name for ourselves!)

Sheffield Arts+Tech is a meetup for people interested in organising and/or supporting open events around arts and technology in Sheffield, bringing together artists who want to be engineers, engineers who want to be artists and the otherwise confused.

No experience in organising necessary, just an interest in helping make things happen!

Amongst other things we'll be getting together ideas for events we could collaborate on, as well as sharing resources, venue ideas, tips for organising and generally offering each other some peer support.

Examples of things we could make happen:
- Peer learning workshops around live coding / electronics / e-textiles etc
- Concerts / algoraves
- 'Dorkbot' show+tell meetups for people doing strange things with electricity (reviving http://dorkbotsheffield.lurk.org/ ) and similar events..

Basically if you like these kinds of things, would like them to happen more often and want to get involved in some way please come along!