Black Lives Matter of Greater Burlington (Racial Justice Collective) - PG-POC Gatherings

This group is for everyone participating in or interested in the POC Gatherings Project Group.

Mission: Connecting people of color and sharing our full identities with JOY!

  • More POC Spaces for community building
  • For Us By Us
  • Joy! (Decompression & Celebration)
  • Black Families & Villages
    • POC Gathering Spaces to NOT talk about race
    • Helping POC feel “home” as Vermonters


  • One gathering each month
  • Engaging new people (25% non-member attendance)
  • Cross multiple towns/cities
  • High Accessibility (childcare/carpool/dietary)
  • At least one non-food gathering per quarter
  • Choosing to operate from a place of peace & thriving
  • Varied racial makeups