RE2020 - Smart Cities

Sensible Cities is included as on of the Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies For 2018 in MIT's annual list. Instead of debating the difference between Smart Cities and Sensible Cities, let's simply acknowledge there's lots of innovation happening in this part of the real estate ecosystem. As mega-brokers like Keller Williams reposition themselves as "data companies" it's important to ask a variety of questions, starting with "Who's data is it?" Here's an excerpt from a guest contribution to Forbes that explains the opportunity and what's at stake:

"At Toronto’s Waterfront district, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, are implementing sensors and analytics in order to rethink how cities are built, run, and lived in. The aim is to integrate urban design with cutting edge technology in order to make “smart cities” more affordable, liveable and environmentally sustainable."

Let's explore how #REStartUps use personal data to enrich decisions and lives without violating privacy.