New Economy Reading Group - Friends' House, London

The purpose of this reading group (monthly gathering and online forum) to explore how a Quakerly economic system could work in practice using a series of seven booklets published by the Quaker Peace and Social Witness - New Economy Project. This builds on the Principles for a new economy document produced in 2015 with the input of Friends from across the country.

This New Economy Reading Group program will involve reading the new economy booklets at home, followed by group discussion and activities in the Sunday sessions once a months (and online on this forum).The booklets contain ideas for action and questions to aid further study, discussion and reflection.

By the end of the seven session, Friends could understand more about our current economic system, feel more confident critiquing economic policies and have a clearer idea about what alternatives are needed. (No any qualification in economics or finance required to participate, as you see ;-))

If you cannot participate being present you could use the ONLINE FORUM to post your comment, ask questions from the group, discuss something.(This is a closed discussion group and not open to the public, members are invited into this group.)

Each booklet discusses different aspects of the economy.

  1. What's the economy for? (session starts from 12.30 on 19 FEBRUAR Sunday at Friends House)

  2. Good work in the new economy (session starts from 13.45 p.m. on 19 MARCH Sunday at Friends House, after 'Bring and Share" -lunch

  3. Energy in the new economy

  4. Money, banking and the financial sector

  5. Markets in the new economy

  6. Ownership in the new economy

  7. Being the change