Mon 20 Mar 2023 11:00AM

Integrating freelancers into a co-operative

KW Kate Whittle Public Seen by 113

Multistakeholder co-op, uses freelancers on a regular basis to improve capacity, wishes to integrate them into structures & decision-making


Kate Whittle Mon 20 Mar 2023 11:02AM


I'm interested to get information on the potential for integrating freelance workers into a multi-stakeholder co-operative, without undermining their self employed status. I wonder if other multistakeholder co-ops have experience of this issue? Specifically: If the client opts to create a new class of member to include freelancers in their meetings and systems, what do they need to be aware of in terms of not undermining the self-employed status of the individual freelancers? I'm aware there can be issues if they are elected as Directors.

I'd be grateful for your thoughts?


Billy Smith Wed 12 Jul 2023 7:27PM

@Kate Whittle

This was one of the methods used when Loomio was created. :D

Might be worth asking there. :D


Philip Coulthard Fri 21 Apr 2023 9:30AM

Post deleted, diluted any energy to answer Kate's request. Could start a new post I guess but seems trivial when searching for information. ..Sorry Kate.