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Internet Party Democracy

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Are we agreed that democracy is disfunctional nationally, in the Labour party, in the Green party ?
How then are we to contest a democratic election in NZ ?
First we have to rebuild democracy, The only way we can do that is by example.
Here is my suggested democratic structure for the Internet Party.

Decisions are taken by the unanimous consent of three bodies, each body has a different responsibility and considers only that responsibility in giving consent. No body is ascendant if they cant agree then they have to talk more until they do.

The Members who generate and mandate decisions thru a democratic process of dialogue, information, and voting

The Party Organisation Operational and Political who must be convinced they can carry forward decisions in an organised, timely, coordinated, and legal manner. This group is a meritocracy

The Party Vision group who must be convinced that the decision does not turn the vision on its head or commit to any unethical act
This group consists of the party visionary, the general secretary, and others as they propose that recieve consent of the other groups.

There it is. A bare bones structure that i think is plausible.
Please consider that this is not just "off the cuff" for me. If you cant see why something is here have a think about it then please ask.


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by Fred Look Tue 25 Apr 2017 9:29AM


This question simply askes if the discussion is useful not about any specific details of the discussion it self what feels right to you!


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Stephen Bryson
Wed 24 Sep 2014 8:07PM

It may be a good idea to keep the proposal open for a while longer than 2 days and at least until some discussion develops on the thread.


Colin Davies
Fri 26 Sep 2014 12:14AM

good start


Tue 7 Oct 2014 4:21PM

It is a leap to suggest internal IP democracy will bear on the wider NZ democracy which is already addressed in the existing IP Objectives 3.1.9


Fred Look Tue 23 Sep 2014 11:40PM

The party organisation is still thinking and i am glad...... they could decide that in their informed opinion the brand is "borked". and so i hope i am not getting too far ahead


Stephen Bryson Wed 24 Sep 2014 8:24PM

Fred for me the party vision group is the most important element. Get that wrong and all else suffers.

Would you propose that there needs to be special focus discussion on what is the party vision or is it presumed that some vision is already in place and it will evolve as the membership so determine?

I realize that this may be getting a little far ahead at this point of the discussion but fundamentally our sharing of the vision is going to be the determining factor in really building this movement.


Fred Look Wed 24 Sep 2014 8:55PM

thank you stephen Yes a focused discussion on each of the three groups is necessary. How I currently see the vision as it has developed so far would be.... People have a right to view cat videos online unhindered by poverty, discrimination, or fear of opression....so yes I think there is already a vision that we joined to support. but I do not think this vision is completly static it has and will develop as members interact with it.


Colin England Wed 24 Sep 2014 9:20PM

Are we agreed that democracy is disfunctional nationally, in the Labour party, in the Green party ?

Nope. The Greens have been the most democratic party for a long time. I think we surpass that which is good but the Greens are still democratic. Labour is also democratic but not as much as the Greens. National? Well, lets just say that National doesn't like democracy.

Decisions are taken by the unanimous consent of three bodies

What decisions?


Fred Look Wed 24 Sep 2014 9:42PM

@colinengland there are two main classes of decision
1 operational decisions made by the person responsible for an agreed task
2 any other decision ......... under this proposal the only path for these is generated by members and then mandated by members thru a democratic process.

Operational decisions can also only be mandated by the members but this is done when they adopt a business plan from time to time. this is because democratic process is not functional or effective at making operational decisions and if applied becomes a vector for coercive resignation or dismissal which is hurtful, damageing, and promotes bullying.


Fred Look Fri 26 Sep 2014 4:49AM

we are very lucky that we started with a vision. Defining or updating our vision should not be attempted by our democratic process. It will destroy both vision and process. I have experenced just this (in another party) where an exhausting and polarising abuse of process legitimised the factions that had overtaken the party. I propose that we accept that we joined IP because of the vision and it isnt really a big problem if we all see it slightly differently. It may change thru our interaction with it, but not thru our democratic processes

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