Wed 25 Apr 2018 9:37AM


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Frequency: why fortnightly? can I be paid weekly?
Can I be paid if my claims have not come through yet and my bucket is in deficit?
What is the process for when a collective member has no $ in their bucket to be paid?


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Fortnightly pay runs:

reduce the amount of time for admin. I can understand however, that there may be times when 2 weeks between payments can feel like too long. What if we chose fortnightly payruns as the default and also had a system where people could request a payrun in the 'off' week if they ever needed it?

payments when claims have not come through

This sounds specific to Cossie stuff-any Cossie comments?

pay if I am in deficit

For me it depends why the bucket is in deficit. If I have an invoice outstanding (ie know that there will be $coming in), then it feels OK. If I have run out of $ and no income pending then I cannot be paid. This feels like part of the self managing principle. I generate work and income keeps flowing. If I stop generating work then I cannot continue to be paid. I know how much is in my bucket via the reports and can adapt my pay accordingly. Great example is that I wanted to take some time out this year (several months). Based on my bucket balance I worked out how much I could be paid each fortnight, and adapted it as needed. My bucket is now getting low and I am again looking for future work.


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From the Tues 1st May: Yvonne: Are some people are paid monthly as employees? this is not clear.

Re being paid if my bucket is in deficit-what if Jeder does not have enough $ to cover this?

Who carries the liability if an invoice is not paid?


Michaela Kennedy Sat 12 May 2018 8:06PM

No decisions have been made around this. I think fortnightly is due to the work it takes to do a pay run and other admin jobs that need to be done. We've always tried to help people out especially if they have bills to pay. At present paying in advance is discussed with the coaches.