Mon 17 Dec 2018 8:27PM

Creating a space for Community Learning with 'Guest' interviews.

MR Michael Roberts Public Seen by 169

Last week, Lindsey suggested having a discussion on Cooperatives for anyone interested as part of the fireside chat at the end of the Governance call. Several people attended, discussed and shared their thoughts about cooperatives which led to the idea of potentially scheduling an optional but semi-regular (monthly?) meetup learning session on various topics of interest to the Giveth DAC.

This might involve scheduling a known 'expert' on a topic that would be interviewed (potentially by Griff) and then it would be opened up for questions, or a small presentation on a topic, followed by an open discussion. The format could change depending on the topic.

The main goal is to:

- create learning opportunities on topics of interest to the Giveth community;
- to strengthen Giveth as a community, and;
*- to continue to solidify Giveth as place where experimentation, learning, and curiosity abound. *

The Proposal is to agree to:

  • *move forward with a monthly speaker meetup for the Giveth community that is recorded and which could be potentially used for the podcast. *

Topics and/or Ideas to be coordinated through Lumio. michael agrees to coordinate, but the speakers, interviewers, and topics ideas would come from anyone in the Giveth community. Anyone with an idea for a topic can propose a session, whether they know much about the topic or not. The idea is focused on fun and learning together.


Josh Fairhead Mon 17 Dec 2018 11:08PM

Great initiative Michael, seems safe enough to try so shall we? I'd be happy to help with a learning circle of some sort if useful. I guess there is two ways to get things rolling; if participation is high we can poll for topics of interest somehow and then ask people to share what they know on the selected subject. Or if participation is low we could bootstrap with a market of two and invite others to that; if so what would you like to know about/share about? :)


Loie Wed 19 Dec 2018 4:29AM

this sound great! and I'd love to see more people than Griff doing the interviewing :)


Kay Wed 19 Dec 2018 12:46PM

It seems like the feedback is very positive - Do you have somebody in mind to start with? The whole thing seems safe enough to try and IMO its best to just get this sort of thing started and then see how well it works. I wished before we had done something like that in the beginning of the year with Michael from p2p foundation!


Kris is Thu 20 Dec 2018 4:54PM

oh yeah, michael from P2P, great idea, we'll prob be able to get him live here - he lives in chiang mai where we'll be


Dani Wed 26 Dec 2018 3:06PM

Where did that spreadsheet go, can we get the link on here please? @michaelroberts ?