Sun 9 Dec 2018 8:05PM

Meditation Classroom: Where to put the Colored Pillows and Meditation Cushions

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Where should we house the colored pillows and meditation cushions?

Thanks to Chris and Anu for providing some context into how the pillows and cushions became a part of the meditation classroom and whether the intention is for the cushions and pillows to stay in the meditation classroom in the long term. If so, where and how. Currently the meditation cushions are stacked on the wall next to the Cybernetics Library and the colored pillows are stacked outside the meditation classroom next to the coat rack.

Thanks for your feedback.


Chris Fri 14 Dec 2018 8:25PM

Thanks for sharing this loomio, Michelle. The meditation cushions / pillows were the outcome result of this loomio started by Roz 10months ago. See link below.


Decision Making from my perspective
The decision took a bit to execute which is the most probable cause for confusion. Also, it has been our budget making habit to allot a decision and budget and let the people executing make a final call on the purchase / product. I do not know if PPAC or personal funds were used to make this purchase. Our budget/procurement culture, when it works well, produces the outcome that after we agree on the general solution, the execution is personalized by the member(s) willing to take on the execution. Not everyone will get what they want. This is okay. This is a shared space.

Some context about outcomes.
When we feel particularly strongly about something happening in the space, we need to step into the process. However, when we consistently have strong opinions, but recognize that others need to make calls to exercise their ownership as our fellow members, we need to step back to create space.

This is an individual, subjective judgment as well as a judgment coming from members communicating and sharing their two cents. This does not mean that members always get their way. It means that everyone feels heard. If we are doing co-op collaboration correctly, there will be disagreements that cannot be resolved. What matters is that people who have a disagreement who routinely do not get their way must be acknowledged and given decision making control in the future. The only way we will know when to give and take is to keep communication open.

This balance of give and take decision making can also be supported by distributed leadership across the co-op or by one member taking a particular interest in keeping track of the emotional, material, and creative labor that everyone is contributing; communicating with everyone; and building consensus to surface interpersonal patterns that need reinforcing or changing.