Wed 25 Jul 2012 2:23AM

Archiving discussions

JL Jon Lemmon Public Seen by 99

Jon Lemmon Wed 25 Jul 2012 2:23AM

Hey guys,

Paul mentioned that he'd be keen to start working on implementing archiving discussions if we're ready for it (conversation following from http://loom.io/discussions/375).

This feature would mean that users (or perhaps just group admins) would be able to archive discussions in a group so that they are hidden from the default view (and perhaps accessible from a separate tab?)

Perhaps something like Aaron's mock-up which is attached to this trello card: https://trello.com/c/e6qU7I4k.

My gut feeling says that we might want to do some paper-prototypes first and make sure we're happy with the feature itself before building it.

The one thing I'm conscious of is that we are currently lacking in "specced out" features for our developers to work on. So it'd be cool to get some paper prototypes going asap so that we have more features ready for our developers to take on and start developing right away.



Alanna Irving Wed 25 Jul 2012 3:05AM

I think paper prototyping sounds like the way to go! I think clearing out old information is important and will help a lot with people knowing what to focus on, but I'm not really sure the best way to implement it.


Paul Smith Wed 25 Jul 2012 3:07AM

Also: Archive and Inactive aren't mutually exclusive. It might be the case that it's worth using both.


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 25 Jul 2012 5:24AM

yeah I am keen for this to happen but I don't see an immediately obvious/uncontentious solution hence would prefer it got prototyped.

Scratching my head for potential features: what about csv imports for invites?


Benjamin Knight Wed 25 Jul 2012 8:48AM

Keen for paper prototyping! And for Paul to be involved in the prototyping process somehow - via Skype maybe?


Benjamin Knight Wed 25 Jul 2012 8:49AM

CSV imports is something that's been asked for a lot!

Yammer-style Reply-to function I think would also be universally loved!


Benjamin Knight Wed 25 Jul 2012 8:50AM

(actually even before csv imports, just being able to input multiple addresses for sending invites would be a good first step)


Aaron Thornton Wed 25 Jul 2012 8:31PM

CSV imports, yikes, sounds like we better prepare for some rapid group expansion if that feature goes viral.


Paul Smith Thu 26 Jul 2012 12:29AM

It would be cool to be involved in the prototyping/planning process.

I am aware that you're still trying to figure out a remote collaboration planning process so if it's easier to keep it local for now that's cool.

If you've got ideas for something that might work (Skype + ?) I'm happy to be the test subject haha.


Aaron Thornton Thu 26 Jul 2012 2:10AM

Yep we'll skype you in. Hang ten brother.


vivien maidaborn Mon 30 Jul 2012 12:24AM

I love the import addresses feature suggestion!
Also I have a personal passion for the connection between people names on the group list and a lie connection to their personal email, so it is easy to 'ping' people


Josef Davies-Coates Thu 18 Jul 2013 10:12PM

How did this discussion about archiving discussion turn into about about importing contacts to invite people?!?

Well, actually, I can answer my own questions... @richarddbartlett you naughty person for taking the discussion off topic!

Anyways, the reason I ended up here is that I wanted to chime in that now the search feature has been enabled I think it is more important than ever that archiving be implemented; quite a lot of top results for a few of the searches I've tried have been really old discussion/ proposals that have basically been done/ implemented - they shouldn't be the top results!