Thu 3 Jan 2019 4:41PM

HVAC Proposal from Lazar

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This is to inspect/fix the air handlers (with heat pumps) on the 2nd floor as well as troubleshooting the big rooftop unit which is supposed to provide auxiliary heat to the ground floor. $4,133.30


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Go ahead with Lazar HVAC Proposal? Closed Thu 10 Jan 2019 4:02PM

It's cold in here!


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Rosalind Zavras
Thu 3 Jan 2019 5:30PM

As treasurer, I cannot reasonably vote for this considering our financial realities. However, I do think this needs to be done.


Thu 3 Jan 2019 5:32PM

let's get our house in order before moving forward with this


Wed 9 Jan 2019 9:18PM

I will support the eventual decision of the co-op, but do not have a vote to give on this topic.


Rosalind Zavras Thu 3 Jan 2019 5:30PM

So this is the statement that I will make over and over again....we are in debt over $180,000. We have a total of less than $10K in the bank. As it gets colder, our costs to heat the building will only increase. It is important to do this, yes, but there are realities of running this coop that we really need to stay on top of. I am sorry to constantly be beating this drum but I don't really know what else to say here. We need to do this, yes, but we need to be doing a lot of things.


Jerone Thu 3 Jan 2019 5:32PM

Thanks Roz for your essential input. I'm voting against the proposal in light of your feedback.


David Fri 4 Jan 2019 7:07AM

I'm going to continue to explore and implement cost-effective solutions for improving the building's environmental performance (e.g., adding weather seal to the fire escape door in the collaboratory), which also will improve the efficiency (hence, cost) of the system. I've looked over this proposal previously and it bothers me that our system, being so new, and I assume, reasonably well-designed, needs such expensive maintenance. I'd like to get some more info on what's going on in here and how we can potentially address it for a more reasonable cost.


David Fri 4 Jan 2019 7:09AM

Also, I'm still not totally clear how this proposal serves to explain the heating issues...we should talk more about this.