Joint Sessions with Transeuropa: Commons Public Policy and European Convergence (+ site visits)


Nicole Leonard Mon 26 Jun 2017 9:12AM

An idea from David Hammerstein: Get Michel Bauwens to speak about Ghent and its adoption of commons policy and 80+ projects


Gaelle Fri 30 Jun 2017 11:33AM

We need to design the format of the exercice with the people from the municipalities before we can start to invite them…
Let's have a call next week, on Friday afternoon ideally for me.


Nicole Leonard Tue 18 Jul 2017 9:39AM

Here is the pad where we discuss this and the other shared moments with TEF collaboration. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gaI3UPCF_BGHJMt5oSARmfBXskFQwxs4qvHJp3Weopc/edit?ts=596c75b6&actionButton=1


Gaelle Thu 20 Jul 2017 5:55PM

So, do we start to send basic invitations to people from the municipalities? It could be a simple message giving key informations such as:
- We would like to invite them to participate to the session on october x from y to zpm
- The general purpose is an exchange between commoners from all over Europe and reps from Madrid and other Spanish municipalities about the spreading of the commons, new forms of city governance and local alternatives to centralized policy making .
- In order to be as effective and usefull as possible and coherent with the spirit of the commons the discussion will be collaborative, horizontal and facilitated (is that too much to speak about that kind of things already, i'm not sure)
I'm thinking that they may need to know in advance that they are wanted there… some of them at least, and some of the people not from Madrid…

As said elsewhere I'm leaving on holydays the day after tomorrow and won't be on email very much, but i'll catch up and help when I'm back…
I have a couple of names of people we should invite. I'll send them to you Nicole.


Nicole Leonard Mon 24 Jul 2017 3:54PM

Daphne gets back tomorrow. She seems to be the only person on TEF side that can help on content for this, though we can probably get some of the others involved as we move forward.

I propose to contact Michel Bauwens for the Thursday session to share the Ghent experience. Thoughts?

We will need to do more of this filling in the content for these sessions work, something I will discuss partially with @fredericsultan tomorrow.

Logistically: TEF doesn't have money to contribute to facilitation or translation on these joint sessions :(

They also don't have anyone working on the Site Visits content. With Elena, we thought to look at Madriles and to contact :Campo de la Cebada (I did already but no response), INgobernables (Ivan could do), EVA (not done), and then some other commoning sites that might want to participate in this open house on Saturday morning. Maybe Carmen could help on this.


Nicole Leonard Mon 14 Aug 2017 2:04PM

There seems to be agreement to cancel the second joint session on the Friday 27 to leave space for more time on workshops


Z. Blace Mon 14 Aug 2017 2:13PM

Good that there is focused time to wrap up work.

Pity as the city of Ghent has a new festival on Commons opening exactly that Friday evening with Michel Bauwens. Maybe there could be a transmition/stremcast Ghent > Madrid that could open have an interaction/discussion for those interested?


Nicole Leonard Mon 14 Aug 2017 2:55PM

Thanks Zeljko for the reminder! Indeed we are still thinking what to do with this time slot so let's keep it in mind. What time is it exactly, if you know?

My only issue is that a streamcast may be a bit dull/inaccessible to people. I know people are very very interested in what is going on in Ghent, and there is some motivation to create a separate session on Ghent on the Friday (or another slot). But I'm not sure just gathering to watch a screen of another festival is the best use of this rare in-person time. Can we keep thinking?


Z. Blace Mon 14 Aug 2017 3:06PM

sure. not much is fixed in ghent for now

also i do not think ut should be only option to do for all