Tue 21 Aug 2012 12:31PM


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Andrew Cobb Tue 21 Aug 2012 12:31PM

What do y'all think of Loomio? What keeps you from engaging with it?


Scott Gregory Tue 28 Aug 2012 2:27AM

The only thing keeping me from engaging in it is that I was on vacation recently, as was Jesse.

These are questions I had the first time I used loom.io

I like subgroups and I am curious about the limits of that system

Can I use HTML or other code in the body of discussion comments, etc?

I thought I deleted my “Why not not not” comment, but then I see it on there. I wanted to be able to delete that comment.

The website is very intuitive.


Scott Gregory Tue 28 Aug 2012 3:00AM

More thoughts from tonights navigations


When I decided to make a subgroup, I first checked My Groups drop down. The new group creator could could have radio buttons


have a Parent Group drop down, defaulted to “” and grayed out.
and when Subgroup was selected, the parent group drop down could pop open with the list of all groups and subgroups.

It would be nice to streamline making a subgroup into the regular group making click path.


When I'm in a proposal, the way to back out of it to the group is to click the group name. The first time I wanted to do that, I didn't notice the name as a link and so went to my groups and selected the group.
Maybe a left-facing arrow behind the group name would catch the eye more. Something to call up the “I'm looking at a directory address here and can navigate back up the tree by clicking these group/subgroup names” protocol.


The discussion box stacks comments like facebook and has likes. I'm used to replying directly to a certain comment and having that thread distinguishable from others branching from the same comment.

Www.reddit.com for what I'm used to.

I like it, and I advocate any move in that direction for more in-depth discussions.


Andrew Cobb Wed 5 Sep 2012 8:21PM

Hey hey! I have been out of town as well! Thanks for all of the feedback. I will send that stuff on to the team.

Several of them are on the current todo list, such as using markdown or HTML for comments.