Mon 15 Jun 2020 11:21PM

Unable to invite members to threads or decisions.

T themooinisblue Public Seen by 31

The ability to invite members to a thread or decision is broken in my loomio community. This takes place whether I try to invite 1 person or several.

Here's a screenshot. It shows that the POST to "/announcements" is broken.

This is the response:

{"errors":{"emails":["translation missing: en.{:message=\u003e\"invitationform.error.toomany_pending\", :count=\u003e100}"]}}

I'd like to help troubleshoot this. What can I do to get started?


Robert Guthrie Tue 16 Jun 2020 11:08PM

Hi @themooinisblue , what version of Loomio are you running? Are you the admin of the site? I don't have enough information to help at this stage.

If the site is broken, I'm willing to help you get it fixed but I'll need to see the server log errors


themooinisblue Wed 17 Jun 2020 7:23PM

Hi @Rob Guthrie I'm not the admin of the site. Ironically, I cannot get in touch with the admins of the site, because the contact link {site}/contact is broken.

In particular, this route bombs.

  1. Request URL:


That said, I found their email and will try to get ahold of them. Thanks for your help. Let me see what they say.