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How to use Loomio

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Welcome to Loomio, an online place for communicating and making decisions.

In case you haven't read the group introduction go back and read that 馃槑 but I will also put the Code of Conduct here as well.

This is an example discussion thread. You can add comments below. Threads are for discussing topics and getting clear outcomes. This thread is about how Loomio works, so post questions about that here.

You are currently reading the thread context, which can be kept up to date with key information and questions that help people engage.

To get started with Loomio:

  • Try commenting in an existing thread, or this one.

Tips for posting on Loomio:

  • To notify a specific person, type @ followed by their name

  • Drag and drop pictures and attachments or click the paperclip icon

  • See 5 ways to use threads for some ideas and tips

If you have any questions, see Loomio Help.

It might also be useful to see an example of an active Loomio group that actively uses consensus based decision making: in this case check this the social.coop group out. A toy example of using Loomio to made a decision about a shared resource can be seen here in the members subgroup (must be a member to view).

Please also see the attached presentation on Using Loomio to engage with Biotech Without Borders. At the Biosummit 6.0 I updated this presentation somewhat for a general audience incorporating the concept of getting paid via Open Collective and you can find that here. My rationale about using these two tools was also delivered at Biosummit 6.0 and I will link that presentation in the thread about software choices at the bottom of the context before the table.


Poll Created Sat 20 Mar 2021 1:49PM

Have any questions about using Loomio? Closed Sat 27 Mar 2021 1:03PM

by Danny Thu 1 Apr 2021 8:44PM

This is the outcome of a proposal or poll which summarizes the results! Since this first poll was just to play around there was no outcome :D

If yes, share your question. If no, you鈥檙e ready to comment in your group鈥檚 threads!

This Check poll is asking whether you or anyone here has any questions about using Loomio.

Go ahead and try it using the buttons and text field below.

As with any decision or facilitation tool, you will need to respond before it closes.

You can change your position while it is open (perhaps responding to new info).

Try participating! Click one of the buttons.


Results Option Voters
Yes 0  
No 0  
Undecided 1 LHB

0 of 1 people have participated (0%)


Danny Mon 22 Mar 2021 1:34PM

There are good help docs and I'm also happy to do some training, especially if multiple people have similar questions.


Danny Thu 1 Apr 2021 5:19AM

Also we can use this thread to play around and get used to the features. I am particularly interested to see if I get an email if people react or reply to this comment


Danny Sat 30 Oct 2021 1:57AM

I do not get an email with reactions on comments that are not my own


Danny Fri 22 Apr 2022 1:00PM

And if you are concerned about notifying people by playing around you can check out the Sandbox subgroup.

However, hopefully all are aware we are all able to unsubscribe from notifications in any thread with a button just below the context.


Poll Created Thu 1 Apr 2021 2:37PM

Testing out how a proposal works Closed Sun 4 Apr 2021 4:05PM

by Danny Sun 4 Apr 2021 8:17PM

Vik and I voted... there isn't anything special about block. I think it's a veto style vote. There are options to include it and "abstain" separately.

This is a test proposal so we can sandbox around and get a sense for how they work. The help docs for this site are great IMO and this one is particularly relevant to this case.

<testing editing a proposal "silently">


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 0.0% 0  
Abstain 50.0% 1 D
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 50.0% 1 VK
Undecided 0% 7 ID TL E N HI J EJ

2 of 9 people have participated (22%)


Thu 1 Apr 2021 2:37PM

Because ambiguity!


Vikram Krishnamoorthy
Thu 1 Apr 2021 2:41PM

What does block do?


Vikram Krishnamoorthy Thu 1 Apr 2021 4:58PM

I did not get a notification that the proposal was edited, either in email or in loomio


Danny Sat 3 Apr 2021 3:08PM

Yes if we don't choose the notify option it appears one can modify their own posts silently. Admin are also allowed to modify posts. This history is saved in the edit history which is accessible though the expanded options (...)

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