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EOS article

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I'm wondering about other ways to reach scientists. What do you all think of collectively authoring an article for EOS as a Project Update (1500 words) or an Opinion (1500 words)? (EOS submission guidelines are attached). I guess I envision an article could cover the benefits of preprinting, the growth of the server (with a figure), some details on submissions (where articles eventually get published, how many are published, etc.), and any other ideas we can muster. I imagine that, if accepted, it would be seen by people who perhaps have never heard of us and maybe inspire them to submit articles. (and if it doesn't get accepted, it can live as a preprint). Maybe it is too early to write such an article, but i wanted to float the idea to everyone.

Another venue is GSA today (the groundwork section). I also acknowledge that both of these are US organizations, it would obviously be great to identify other such places we can write for that are beyond the US.


Victor Venema Wed 6 Jun 2018 7:48PM

EOS is a perfect fit topicwise and we should get out to the people who do not do this kind of thing yet. EOS is also well read outside the USA. Our library also has a copy. So I think this is a good idea.

In Europe we do not have a magazine like that. I guess the closest would be the blog of the EGU: GeoLog. Before we start writing something for them, we'd better ask first if they are interested. I think they will, but I am not fully sure.


Han Geurdes Thu 7 Jun 2018 6:46AM

EOS is great. It is well written and I think that's the point too. It is really not so simple to write a good readable piece about difficult research.

It is also a great read because of its link to published papers. So a layman such as me reads about e.g. biogeochemistry research of bacteria traveling from the Pacific to the Atlantic. How it is possible they survive the cold, the different deep water movement (ok, didn't know that either), the different predation etc. Imagine, .... . And finally the necessity to come with proper modeling. The latter is in my alley.

Then ...ok .. where is the link to the paper? If I can not download it, then is there a draft somewhere on e.g. Earth Arxiv ..

That's how it goes with an EOS enthusiast such as myself.


Anson Thu 7 Jun 2018 12:53PM

I just did a quick search on Eos for preprints and only came up with the announcement for AGU's own ESSOAr https://news.agu.org/press-release/earth-and-space-science-open-preprint-server-to-be-powered-by-agu-and-atypon/. Of course AGU publishes both Eos and ESSOAr. So certainly an opinion piece might be really good for there. I guess we need to take into consideration of this is joint with ESSOAr or completely independent.

I wonder if doing such an article on the one-year anniversary of EarthArXiv might be more newsworthy?


Stéphanie Girardclos Thu 7 Jun 2018 2:42PM

I love the idea of the one year anniversary. We can then also plan it accordingly.


Victor Venema Thu 7 Jun 2018 4:07PM

An anniversary is a hook, but not the most exiting one. Would not get us in the Washington Post, but maybe for EOS the excuse is good enough if they simply like the idea.

It would make sense to write a joint article given that EOS is an AGU journal. When will ESSOAr officially start? That would a good news hook , but maybe for their launch they do not want us to share the spot light. We should also avoid having two similar articles on pre-prints.

Are there any newspapers that scientists preferentially read? In Germany that would be Die Zeit.


Anson Sat 9 Jun 2018 3:08PM

Other possibilities would be New Scientist, The Conversation etc. New Scientist is always paywalled though, but might make an interesting piece for those interested in science in general? The Conversation has a high reach, and can be reposted by anyone, so that might be more along ethos of openness etc?


Jamie Farquharson Wed 27 Jun 2018 6:06PM

I would be inclined to avoid a paywalled venue (unless we make the pre-print available on EarthArXiv)


Evan Goldstein Wed 27 Jun 2018 6:36PM

cool, I sense some momentum so maybe we aim for a 1 year anniversary paper for EOS (also posted to EarthArXiv), so writing + submission in September/October. (I know that JOSS recently published a 1yr anniversary article; see link below). As we get closer to that time I'll restart this discussion and find a suitable place for us all to write collaboratively...


Pablo Ampuero Fri 27 Jul 2018 12:38PM

Here is a criticism of preprints, published in Nature, we may want to briefly address in the EOS article: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-05789-4


Christopher Jackson Sat 28 Jul 2018 6:14PM

Yep. There's a call planned (August 6th, I think) for all OSF-hosted preprint services, and some others, to discuss and formulate a response to this. I think there's some other folks formulating responses; the comments on Twitter, at least, have been very scathing of the article...

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