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We want to know what you see as the future of the volunteer effort known as Occupy Wall Street


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The admins of the occupy social media pages previously amplified the messaging of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) because his vision for getting money out of politics and returning power to the people aligned with many of the foundational principles of Occupy Wall Street. Now that the the political revolution he spoke about, by endorsing Hillary Clinton, is effectively over, we are challenged as to next steps. What do you propose that we do to push forward?

Knowing that this is not an either/or question, do you think we should we continue to engage with electorial politics on these pages?

We are all trying to figure this out.


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Eman Eizenga Thu 14 Jul 2016 3:34PM

Hello! I am Pat and I am helping on Jill Stein's presidential campaign and we've been actively asking Bernie supporters to please consider us as a Plan B. Now, with Bernie's endorsement of Hillary Clinton, there must be a way to be able to vote for your values. Jill Stein (and ALL Green candidates) don't accept corporate funds, support #BlackLivesMatter, #FightFor15, #MovetoAmend, and #AbolishStudentDebt. Her platform mirrors Bernie in so many ways, except in certain cases such as foreign policy, debt abolishment, and more, she's even MORE progressive. Jill Stein is the natural logical choice after the co-opting of Bernie's campaign by Hillary Clinton. Reject the Wall Street candidate, and be a part of the Greater Good, in Jill's campaign (and for Greens up and down the ballot everywhere).


Priscilla Grim Fri 15 Jul 2016 2:20PM

Actually, I think our job is to push forward with our movements to elevate political engagement above (not instead of) the electoral process.


Meka Diggs Thu 14 Jul 2016 3:36PM

I would suggest that before we jump up and condemn or bail on the senator, we at least wait to see how things play out at the convention. Bernie Sanders has not suspended his campaign nor has he conceded the race. #SeeYouInPhilly
(if HRC becomes nominee, I'll throw my support behind Stein.)


Clay Shirky Thu 14 Jul 2016 4:03PM

I worry about Sanders' weak support among African-American voters. In a year when the broad electorate would have voted for a Socialist President, he couldn't win the Democratic nomination, largely because of African-American preference for his opponent, which ranged from significant (Missouri, Illinois) to overwhelming (South Carolina, Alabama.)

For all that Sanders was the more progressive candidate, Clinton had (and has) the more diverse coalition. I think Occupy should work to help change that.


Fred Pierre Thu 14 Jul 2016 4:38PM

Leaders like Jill Stein are fine, but the real answers come from the community. How do we build community? Cooperative food, solar and housing organizations can pool community resources into a treasure chest for a sustainable future. Non-profit, democratic corporations = 1 vote per shareholder = people power on a national scale to end hunger, housing and healthcare discrimination. We can and will make people power work!


Devin Lord Thu 14 Jul 2016 4:43PM

Keep making space for conversation and dissent; including #blacklivesmatter, trans activists, immigrants, climate justice activists; including Jill Stein and other reformers active in electoral politics; amp all those voices not being heard. Electoral politics is bigger than elections and activism shapes the context of elections. Short of formal endorsements, there may not be a clear line of "engaging with electoral politics" when it comes to amping political speech.


ANNE KILEY Thu 14 Jul 2016 5:45PM

Hi --

We should align with the Green Party and help elect Jill Stein.


Thierry Castro Thu 14 Jul 2016 6:13PM

I believe in democracy, and voting is part of that process. Still, I would engage in electoral politics (as they currently exist) on an exception and case-by-case basis. Surprisingly (and for the first time in my adult lifetime) there are not one but two (!) candidates for US President that are worth the effort to support (IMO): Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein.


Steven Lawrence Kostis Thu 14 Jul 2016 8:51PM

Turn the DOJ against the FBI and Bush Jr. for war crimes.

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