Thu 14 Jul 2016 2:06PM

Welcome to Occupy Wall Street

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We want to know what you see as the future of the volunteer effort known as Occupy Wall Street


Peter Jay Reilly Fri 15 Jul 2016 2:15AM

First of all, I think this format is great for OWS... so let's dialog. The Sanders campaign spent $222 million, and one year of organizing efforts. The results is that the "political revolution" only got the democratic platform to move somewhat to the left on some pretty basic issues. But when it came to imperialism, and exploitation, the essence of America, the dems wouldn't budge. In comparison, OWS and BLM have pushed society to the left by using people power, direct action, reasoning, and logic. Electoral politics are toxic. If you want to vote, go vote (and then hold your vote accountable), but I think we should use our organizing time more effectively. In the time it takes me to vote, I can go to my neighborhood park and pick up litter. I think that would be more proactive for the revolution.


Peter Jay Reilly Sat 16 Jul 2016 2:36PM

I have a question for Occupy Wall St. about this comment: "Though electoral politics is one of the lowest bars of engagement politically, I think that it is important, but I am eager to hear what others have to say." If you accept that, then why has OWS spent so much time invested in the Sanders campaign in the last year? I and many others became disenfranchised when OWS started to do this. An OWS moderator blocked me on facebook for criticizing Sanders. Over the last year, electoral politics pulled OWS to the right. I still remember: "What is our one demand?" Sanders is not apart of that. I didn't see him in the streets with us.


Alan Greenhome Sat 16 Jul 2016 3:34PM

Support Bernie until he concedes, with our help he can win with our revolution. Vote with feet on the Streets.

After that, there is another strategy born at OWS. Based on this reality "Big multinational corporations continue to buy our government because we continue to buy their unsustainable products." At a meeting of Think Tank we came up with an idea of using sustainable products to protect the planet and move the center of political balance back to the people. That is how AParallelWorld.com was born.