Tue 25 Apr 2017 4:53PM

Bill of Rights and Protocols of Democracy

S Spencer Public Seen by 349

My proposal for the initial rules for our democracy:


A Gull is a Gull is a Gull. There will be no hierarchies, there will be no centralized decision making, all Gulls are entitled to admin/moderator status on all of our platforms. Gulls are obligated to do nothing, and are forbidden from doing nothing except abide by the democratically agreed upon Protocols of Democracy.

Protocols of Democracy:

  1. New Gull members will be brought into the fold as full members with full rights once they have 3 sponsors. This can only be countered with a dissent of 5 Gulls with strong cause. This will trigger a vote.
  2. All petitions for rules must have 5 cosigners. The first person to propose the petition will be responsible for initiating the vote. Included in your proposal should be a list of cosigners.
  3. No petition can require a Gull to do anything. Rules will be established based on protocols of improving our democracy only.
  4. Once a vote is called, the votes will be tallied one week after initiation.

ManicMonkOnMac Wed 26 Apr 2017 8:17PM

Sounds good except all gulls need to upload a video of stealing bread, extra points if on the beach.