Fri 17 Apr 2020 10:17AM

Default language

J JosephK Public Seen by 35

Is there any way to set the default language of Loomio v2 especially on the sign in/sign up page?

It seems that there is no longer any detection of the browser language. Everything remains in English.


Robert Guthrie Sun 19 Apr 2020 2:58AM

@JosephK - Oh, 2 problems!

I'll check that browser detection is working shortly. That's the biggest problem here, right?

There is a default locale option in rails, if you want we can setup an ENV so this can be overridden.


JosephK Mon 20 Apr 2020 8:10AM

Yes if browser language detection works, there is less need to reset the default language.

Still, it would be interesting to have a menu anyway to be able to choose the language for cases where the detection fails and the fallback language is not the most relevant one.


Robert Guthrie Mon 20 Apr 2020 8:57AM

I'm deploying a fix for the auto detection of browser language when you're not signed in, now.