Sat 11 Nov 2017 8:29PM

#Blockchain in #RealEstate: From @CRTLabs debriefing post Realtors conference #NARannual to crowdsourcing unconference sessions at #PlatformCoop

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According to Chad Curry from NAR's Center for Realtor Technology, @CRTLabs blockchain team, led by Dave Conroy, gave seven different talks at NAR recent annual convention last week. Watch the overview on Facebook & check out @CRTLabs demos:

@CRTLabs Office Hours:


Blockchain Real Estate Demo - New Construction Example:

Significantly, Chad said that Jennifer O'Rourke from the State of Illinois also participated in one of CRTLabs sessions and is working on using blockchain for Digital Identity. Chad shared this article on digital sovereignty adding the comment below:


"Blockchain can help with data sovereignty in the future. Imagine this: Rather than you logging into websites, you use your digital identity, the website says to you: these are the pieces of data we want, you can select the ones you want to share with us. If you don't want to share anything, that's your discretion. We think blockchain can help with that with digital identity."

Cross-posted my response on CRTLabs Facebook page as well as Twitter:

Beyond accessing #PersonalData, how does @CRTLabs & #NAR's new Strategic Business & Technology Group see #DigitalSovereignty impacting #RealEstate ecosystem? #RE2020 GOAL = Give "autonomous #homebuyers" new moneysaving SUPERPOWERS via #HousingID JOIN http://RE2020.Loomio.org #VRM

Getting real about Blockchain in Real Estate

It's becoming hard to listen to the hype about blockchain and read the failure rate below without shaking your head and agreeing with an economist at the #PlatformCoop conference who sneered, "blockchain has "tulip" written all over it."

Over 26,000 Blockchain Projects Were Developed Last Year; 8% Remain Active

That's not stopping @PlatformCoop innovators from proposing sessions to talk about blockain during their unconference this afternoon. If we were to host our own discussion of blockchain real estate, what would you like to discuss or hear? Should we use http://RE2020.Loomio.org to nominate & vote on different sessions, as they’ve done below?

Note how Loomio’s crowdsourcing allows users to see interests & passions as reflected by both sessions proposed and votes.



Bill Wendel Sat 11 Nov 2017 8:35PM

Use this link to invite others into this discussion on #RE2020:

or Simply retweet static version of post on RECafe's Basecamp:


Bill Wendel Thu 16 Nov 2017 12:56PM

Congrats, Look forward to seeing how NAR’s initiative fits into the emerging blockchain ecosystem & collaborates with other initiatives. Applaud “embrace & evolve” approach espoused by new CEO Bob Goldberg & embodied by CRTLabs:

See photo of NAR / CRTLabs new Blockchain Lab