Wed 6 Dec 2017 1:36AM

Project architecture and boilerplate development

H Hugi Ásgeirsson Public Seen by 353

We've started working on a boilerplate and architecture, so lets move conversation from the stack choice thread.

@erikfrisk has set up a repo here: https://github.com/erikfrisk/realities
Ping Erik to be added to the repo.


Hugi Ásgeirsson Wed 6 Dec 2017 1:36AM

I've started working on an overview of the architecture on Realtime board: https://realtimeboard.com/app/board/o9J_k0YNmp8=/
Give me your email and I'll add you to the board, it's a collaborative thing and pretty useful, I've been using it for all my projects lately.

I've mapped out the front-end, but since I've never worked with Apollo, GraphQL or Next, I'm having a hard time getting out of my REST way of thinking about the API. Maybe someone else could give it a go?


Erik Frisk Wed 6 Dec 2017 3:29PM

Nice! You can add me at [email protected].


Emin Durak Thu 7 Dec 2017 12:44AM

Hey babes!
So I've been also working on a boilerplate (WTF!) :laughing:

I was talking with Hugi and Brooks last weekend and that personally I had thought that it'd take time for us to build the stack and the boilerplate to come to a point where we can really start sketching the UI.

Therefore I thought it'd be a good idea to startup with something that would give some of us the ability to focus on UI while the others are building the BE and DB parts. At least until we get the boilerplate you have built up and running to an extent that does its thing.

All info is at the readme there.

It was mostly because I haven't worked with any of those in the stack (except React), and I thought my contribution would be best at what I'm best at: Meteor + React. I also used Semantic UI as React components library. I think it's nice. :)

So feel free to pull it, run and check it out. I made some functionality too such as adding Need and searching for users and all... There's a lot more I wanted to do, and we can also just deploy the app as it is to galaxy right now with just one command: https://www.meteor.com/hosting

Let me hear your opinions!

PS: Don't take this as if I'm propagating to use Meteor definitely please. I think other stuff you've been talking about is better, but I just wouldn't be able to build with them as fast (personally) :nerd:


drew meeks Thu 7 Dec 2017 11:56AM

For what it's worth, I've become a fan of Meteor + React. Also, I can help with wireframes/userflows, etc if needed.


Hugi Ásgeirsson Thu 7 Dec 2017 12:18PM

Very cool! We can use this to start designing React components while working on the backend. Great job! :)
Thank you!


Erik Frisk Thu 7 Dec 2017 6:58PM

Awesome! The frontend in the repo I created fetches from the backend using Apollo, but in terms of UI components it's just a text that says "hello borderland", so we haven't done any double-work :) Mocking data in the backend to support frontend development is very fast, but I think it's great to have this other repo ready so that some of us can start on the UI without being blocked for a second. Do you already have linting? I set up eslint with airbnb config in my repo. If we want to stick with that it might be good to have in yours too so we don't have to refactor too much when we move things over.


Erik Frisk Thu 7 Dec 2017 7:02PM

@emindurak If you want you're also very welcome to move the UI components you started on into the realities repo right away. I invited you as a collaborator. It's up to you whichever you prefer :)


Erik Frisk Thu 7 Dec 2017 8:22PM

@emindurak Never mind about the linting! I just had a look at your package.json and saw that it's already there :heart: Nice!


Emin Durak Fri 8 Dec 2017 3:22PM

Great! I’ll try to migrate the components, but maybe we should have a flow for that, as I imagine this is something we’ll need to do recursively..?

Perhaps a standalone, public npm package for all ui components ?? Hmm...


Emin Durak Thu 7 Dec 2017 2:03PM

Hey again dears!

I just deployed the app I built to Galaxy. Well, like I said it's super easy, and charged hourly. I thought it'd be good idea that for the weekend, we have something up there. ALSO that when several of us register as users (at top right), we can search and assign them to a need/responsibility etc... (assigning doesn't work yet though)



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