Mon 5 Jun 2017 6:51PM

A great OuiShare story - OuiShare at Movin'On

AB Alexandre Bigot-Verdier Public Seen by 106

Dear Friends,

In the few occasions that we had to physically meet during in the last months, we discussed about the participation of OuiShare to MOVIN'ON. Movin'On, is an international summit that aims to reinvent mobility, it is organized in Montreal from 13to15th of june by Michelin.

Beyond being an update about the Québec Community, here is why this collaboration matters :

An example of the impact that OuiShare can have

The innovation team of Michelin aims to build an ecosystem with industrial partners and facilitate an open innovation process. In few words, they want to bring together industrials, cities, startups, academics and build together sustainable mobility solutions. They need to discuss the intellectual ownership of the innovations, the dynamics of working in networks, the list of stake-holders to invite, etc.
The link with OuiShare was easy to make. They understand that OuiShare members have this vision and experience of working in network and communities and build solutions together. Successfully.
So, they naturally asked us to help them to catch OuiShare Fest spirit to inject it to Movin'on.
Here the know-how of OuiShare, as a pionneer, is now understood by mainstream big players who are ready to experiment our recepies.

OuiShare as an international network

The partnership with Michelin is a french subject at the beginning. Michelin come from France, met french OuiShare people and went to the french OuiShare fest.
But, Movin'On had to come to Montreal.
Back at the time of the decision of working together, the QC community had really litle achievements, only minor events.
But they agreed to contract with us whereas we didn't even had a juridical existence nor a bank account. They understood that being within a network as OuiShare is benefeting from the competencies of the whole.

This contract will enable us to develop ourself, to pay some people that are quitting their job to focus on OuiShare right know. The leverage is HUGE for us and it has been braught by the cooperation within the network.

What is it about ?

Beyond the spirit of the event and the community of diverse profiles that we bring with us, Movin'On is also an opportunity to market an idea that emerged from the Lab OuiSharexCronos : Mobility as a Network (Maan).

The 3 conferences that we organize explore how to buid an urban mobility that let some space for :
* Open Innovation - see the smart city as a playground
* Inclusion - no citizen left behind, the smart city empowers its communities
* Proximity - are the mass-transit stations the heart of smart cities?

Conferences will be in french to reflect the QC cultural exception

How to help us ?

Our partnership includes bringing a great community of changemakers to the event. If you know people that could be interrested in coming to the event, you can share with them the web site of the event : https://movinon.michelin.com/en/
We have a very special price for 3 days (50$ and not 1500$), here is the link to access it.

All the best for all of you,