What economic system solutions shall we platform on the Money Rebellion website?

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What projects are most relevant right now to Money Rebellion - which supporters can get involved in today and help with?

Feel free to chat, and when ready, go ahead and launch a Proposal Poll(with all 4 voting options), including a URL to the project in your description. This is not for 'general concepts' we're suggesting existing initiatives that lots of ordinary people can actively get involved with right now.

I will delete polls that fail to meet this standard because we have busy people here and I want to have an effective process.

Then obviously vote on your own poll, including your reason for you vote.

We will keep checking here and are very likely to add the most popular projects and iniatives you suggest to the map on the Money Rebellion "Solutions" page.



Luke Flegg Tue 4 May 2021 2:19PM

For anyone getting notified about this - bit of context; With input from some others, I'm just helping out Gail + the £R team with a proposal for how £R can better 'platform' solutions to our broken economic system (beyond of course the call for Citizens Assemblies). Feel free to chime in!

As of writing, this is still at proposal stage, but given that, welcome any contributions.


C.A.Scott Tue 4 May 2021 3:34PM

Luke Flegg

Hope you are OK

I do not have time to become involved – I do however need Ext Reb to consider joining with me.

I am Lead Innovator for HyPulJet Ltd, I am bringing together all the elements to make a Crowd Funding Bid on Seedrs to cover development costs for a new innovation Hydrogen engine – Involves HyPulJet Ltd ith the development being carried
out by Technical University Berlin

Big ask of 2 x €1,250,00 – the first bid covers the Validation of the engine – so we are not asking for funding past that point, once validation then we will need the other bid to cover all costs for the 5 years to get to income from Licences
– a Microsoft type business model.

I would point out to Ext Reb that by having an answer to the Fossil Fuel Industry you would take out their bottom line – the beginning of the end of Fossil Fuel.

Luke you could end Fossil Fuels - done without risking arrest or assaults by Police or public – for less than the costs of Tickets to London

Your members could sign up as investors and we/HyPuljet would arrange Preferential shares- that is before the shares are open to public.

Luke I cannot guarantee a return – but if the engine is validated then the Annual Dividends will be exceptional.

Luke, £10. 00 x 100,000 of your members – Please this is not a con there will be a Full Prospectus and I have just completed the revised “Pitch Deck” which I could have emailed to you. PDF I have to revisit the Prospectus to match
them both.

Hope that you see this as a double deal – Fund Hydrogen Project – End Fossil Fuels and really can do it laid on the sofa.

Best Regards

Al Scott

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Gill Wed 5 May 2021 11:45AM

Do you mean solutions or projects? Solutions might include more diverse governance of businesses (eg workers and local community should have votes on boards), more co-ops and social enterprises, UBI, fair taxation system; adjust prices through tax and subsidy rel to social and environmental cost, inc remove VAT on refurb and green products; money creation for public good not private benefit, take back public goods and utilities into public ownership, grow the commons and effective management of common pool resources as per Dasgupta report, land value tax. regional community banks, renter charter (Most of these adopted by Green Party). Learning and engaging public in discussion is a great project but I'm not aware of particular groups doing it except Quakers, Greens and some post-Occupy groups. Gail used to, and there are campaigns for all these suggestions: Global Justice Now, Tax Justice, CPAG, there are campaigns for LVTax (Henry George Society) and UBI, Keep NHS public, etc etc. But I think you want more project proposals?


C.A.Scott Wed 5 May 2021 1:14PM

Hello Gill and all,

You mention – “money created for public good not private gain” sounds good.

So are you saying that I can spend 12 years working on developing a Hydrogen engine – for the good of the planet – I have arrived at a point here I could be considerably well compensated and you say the profit should be for the good of

So we have loads people make use of their time, computer games, watch and play sport – films, in the pub sinking a few, etc this is their choice. Other people build up a business- some like me choose to develop something new for everybody’s
good and we have to provide for people who have not put any effort in but instead frittered away their time and money.

I think you need to re-think what has advanced life styles over the past 200 years.

I build a company – I build a company – I take out loans – I re-mortgage my property – I spend 16 – 18 days and weekends – whilst other enjoy themselves and you are, even thinking that- there should be laws to force “workers and
communities on the Company board ... Why? Do you really think it is just that I have spent 10 years building a company – employing people and then that a worker should have a say in how the company is run.... The people who get a say are those who found
the company, put their savings in – choose not to take holidays – spend 15 hour days.

I wrote yesterday – Asked if Ext Reb want to invest in a Start-up – instead of protest – actively invest in a new company with Hydrogen concept which could end Fossil Fuels - £100.00 a train ticket to London Rtn and whilst no guarantees,
dividends would be paid to people because they have made an input - £20.00 could be annual payment of £20,000 (would be Tax paid)

We intend Crowd Fund on SEEDRs all Legit – some 10,000 Ext Reb members to invest £100,00 each would exclude any investment by Oil & Gas - quite clearly if O&G investor bought into the shares they get to affect the outcome.

Gail it is upto Ext Reb – do the same as Greenpeace the case, but do not know what to do to end the Problem--- if there is no replacement fuel the O & G simply continue. Join HyPulJet Ltd and help end Fossil Fuels.

Best Regards

Al Scott

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Gill Thu 6 May 2021 5:37PM

Hi Al,

No I was talking about the money that gets created and used to pay for all the wonderful things people make and invent. How is it created? It used to be gold, then cash, (I promise to pay from the government - which gave the government the benefit of creating money) and now bank deposits which give the benefit to the banks, and means that new money comes as debt, needs interest payments, which need economic growth to pay for it. See the Positive Money Campaign (lots of videos on Youtube) for more on this.

all best


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Luke Flegg Fri 7 May 2021 7:37AM

If you want a company that's successful in the long term and resilient to change, yes you of course need employees to have a say in how the company is run. You're also over simplifying this. It sounds like you see it as a binary (employees follow orders with no voice VS employees have equal control and ownership to founder) there's obviously a while universe of options in between those 2 extremes of how a company functions.

I'm very grateful for innovators like you, working hard (hopefully not too hard, all the time and burning out - this is too common, and needs to stop being romanticised) in service of people and planet before profit (not without profit, just before profit. It's an issue of priorities, during the 6th mass extinction we're in). Essential social and environmental work needs to be financially sustainable.

My main question

Why do you have to get loads of loans and remortgage your house to fund critically important work for society? Isn't THAT the problem here? Then you (as an individual) are already feeling endebted, like society owes you a large lump of money at the end of it, and you disempower your team from having a significant voice in how to do things in effective and fulfilling ways - wasting much of their vision and not developing their leadership. I also want to work on ambitious and meaningful projects like you but don't have a house I can remortgage, and cannot take out big loans.

I want an economy that reduces barriers so we can all do the work that's most needed in society.


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Luke Flegg Fri 7 May 2021 7:41AM

@Ben Burt please read the group description again and improve your proposal/ repost it. You haven't linked to a specific project with a URL - it needs to be extremely clear how exactly people right now can get actively involved in the project. That's the point of us promoting it on the website. UBI is a concept. Instead link to a specific project working in UBI please, thank you! And you need to use the proposal option (with all 4 voting options) because yes/no isn't nuanced and we've seen what binary, divisive, polarized decision making and politics looks like in society : )