Fri 20 Dec 2013 2:56PM

The Offer From Olinga Taeed and Northhampton Uni

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Dear Hussain
Ok here is the information we talked about:
1.       Access to the Marketplace can be direct three ways

a)      Via CCEG: www.CCEG.org.uk … Marketplace tab … hit any sector button
b)      Direct to SMP: www.sectormarketplace.com
c)       Direct to your forum: http://www.sectormarketplace.com/#!digital-democracy/c1bmg
2.       The first box on www.sectormarketplace.com is you’re general space which can start with an intro from yourself as the curator as a first entry. We’ve given a couple of ‘spots’  to illustrate which we will remove (eg. Intro thread, News thread and Events thread which can be added to by yourself and others in the forum).
3.       You’ll see the first 3 boxes which are looking for subject and sponsor logos. We can use the money jointly to develop the forum and will invoice it out of CCEG.
4.       Membership and Store tabs at the top are fairly explanatory. The Store tab has sample illustration stuff which will be removed. The store can be products, reports, services, etc. CCEG will collect the monies and take a commission on a case by case basis as only we can enter the information so there are web costs.
5.       The Membership and Join (to write on the forums) are not the same thing; the first is to send news, join is to have ability to remark.
6.       I have yet to complete the ABOUT section.
7.       We aim to launch this on 5th January ready to promote during the w/c 6th January. So I would be grateful if you could get the above areas populated between you and your contacts, although sponsorship may take longer.
8.       If you want a more traditional page as with here, then we can provide that also but it will cost more unless we can get a Group with an internal member of staff heading it.
9. Please provide a photo for the banner at the top which will scroll
10. Please note there is an email contact  DigitalDemocracy@sectormarketplace.com  which will go to you and cc me. Please provide a forward email address you want it to go to.
11. There are 3 sections now in the Info/News for you or others to post their own stuff … Information, News, Events


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What do we do go for it or not? Closed Tue 31 Dec 2013 2:09PM

I have posted a proposal from Olinga Taeed and you are invited to discuss and work out if it is something that we shouldbe doing as Lobbi to try to curate our concept and bring us some fundsing to run along side the Kickstarter we are going to launching, maybe we can get the first batch of money into the Kickstarter could be from people who are attracted to the offer that we are going to put together on the Market place that is being offered by the Uni of Northampton and its business department that will be running this whole project.


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Andy Williamson
Mon 30 Dec 2013 2:18PM

I don't see a compelling argument to use their platform when better ones exit


Andy Williamson Mon 30 Dec 2013 2:17PM

I've not had much chance to look at this but the biggest problem I can see is that they have no traction and no track record. It's not something mainstream and it's untested and untrusted and lacks profile... so I've not had much chance to look at this but the biggest problem I have is that they have no traction and no track record. So if we sign up using there system that potentially lowers the trust and recognition for what we're doing.

Crowdfunding is the big thing right now, which means lots of people trying to jump on it and clip the ticket or whatever. It will collapse in on itself within six months (as most platforms and most ideas will fail)

Personally I would stick to a strongly established crowd-source platform... lower risk, higher reach, higher trust,