Wed 24 Aug 2022 7:35AM

Worker Coop Weekend (Intro) Game

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I'm developing an interesting new games cooperative and as part of doing all of that, I've been working on a game called Worker Coop Weekend (Intro). It's a branching choose-your-own-adventure type game with a ridiculously high amount of choices - you play as a character who needs to go about their daily activities. If you go and do your daily activities, then the game keeps you in a loop. If you deviate from the path, then there's perhaps a pathway to finding Worker Coop Weekend. If you can navigate your character through a lot of existential traps to WCW you win, basically.

What I've been finding is that the more I write, the more complicated it gets, so I wanted to see if anyone here was interested in collaborating.

Collaboration looks like:

  • Playing the game as it is

  • Writing a branching story of how to get from the screen where you first ran out of content, to Worker Coop Weekend

The tone of the thing is abstract existential thought, to prompt in the player grandiose existential thoughts so that they might try to find their own way to WCW in reality. The pathway to WCW needs to be difficult to find, so that the player spends as much time in the game as possible. It's also much more fun to write in that style.

The goal will be to have a sprawling narrative published to a website in Spring next year so that we can share it with people to maybe build some external buzz about WCW '23. (or 'new worker coop federation weekend '23)

There's potential for all types of collaboration if you don't feel like writing is a thing you're interested in, so art, design, music etc. I think the game will be far better and far more appropriate if lots of people are involved in the construction.

You could write me an email: [email protected] if you're interested in playing along, and we can go from there. 馃憤

No coding experience required!