Tue 9 Apr 2019 8:07AM

Britain for Europe grassroots consultation

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At a national Britain for Europe meeting held last Saturday, a sub-committee was created (which I'm a part of) to brainstorm ways in which PVHQ can better support and communicate with local groups,
Our mandate:
To report to Britain for Europe and partner organisations on the grassroots’ requirements for support, resources, services and needs from HQ in order to deliver a convincing win in a People’s Vote for Staying in the EU. Report should include rationale for requests.


Emma Knaggs Tue 9 Apr 2019 8:12AM

Stage one is to brainstorm ideas with each of our groups and I will feedback to the committee by the end of Sunday 14th April.
Here's a list of topics for discussion. Not all of these will be relevant to us or require support from HQ. Please can you have a think about anything that you feel is needed and we can discuss at the meeting on Thursday.
• Communications protocol between groups and HQ and between local groups within regions
• Organisational structure/s of local groups, and in relation to national organisations
o Legal constitutional status and structure of most groups
o Financial independence/bank accounts
o Data independence.
o Group cooperation between neighbouring groups and sharing of volunteers.
• Political neutrality and cooperation with political parties locally for practical reasons.
• Feedback process/sharing intelligence both ways
• Fund raising
• Merchandise
• Compliance
• Campaign spend recording and reporting
• Funding
• Media comms
• PR
• Training
The Ground Campaign
• Supporter recruitment and data sharing of nationally recruited supporters
• Volunteer recruitment and organisation
• Supporter and volunteer communication and database sharing/access
o Email
o Text
o Phone
o Social media
• Data protection
• Street Stalls and street stall resources
• Brexitometers
• Polling
• Surveys
• Central intelligence/shareable and customisable resources
• Targeting of voter types, demographics.
• Leafleting process
• Door knocking
• Canvassing
• Phone banks
• Comms app?
• How relative importance of Street Stalls/ Leafleting and Door knocking will be established.
• Mapping/demographics/electoral roll
Messaging and Materials
• Messaging: core/regional/local
• Messaging discipline. Protocol for avoiding damage but allowing localisation and independence.
• Leaflet design/content/customisation/distribution and division between local and central
• Meme and Gif generation
• Access to myth busting etc


Emma Knaggs Thu 9 May 2019 2:35PM

Here is the presentation given at the Britain for Europe national meeting summarising the findings and requirements from the consultation process.