Wed 4 May 2022 7:00PM

Call out! New organisation for worker co-ops and cooperators

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Call out for worker co-op project managers/organisers

The Worker Co-op Council is an elected body inside Co-operatives UK. Earlier this year, we resolved to form a completely new and independent federation of worker cooperatives, individual cooperators and supporters of industrial democracy. Our plan was endorsed by the board and senior management of Co-operatives UK, then further developed by worker co-operators gathered over the three days of Worker Co-op Weekend.

The Council invites expressions of interest from people with the commitment, skills and capacity to work with us between now and the end of 2022, and perhaps beyond, to deliver on the ‘pre start up’ phase of new federation. This is likely to be a fixed term contract, on terms to be agreed. An initial Worker Co-op Council-led fundraising is expected to meet the costs of initial work towards fulfilling the contract. The person(s) we appoint will be expected to work with us to fundraise towards costs of the later stages.

It’s a multi-facing, multi-skilled role, with the possibility that it will be modified and continue after the launch of the organisation. We don’t expect one person to manage all aspects of the task after that, so we want to hear from potential project manager-organisers who can commit to helping fulfil our longer term mission and programme.

Up to the end of 2022

It will be a pivotal and quickly-evolving role, to formulate and develop comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure for the new organisation. You will be:

  • Working with the Worker Co-operative Council, volunteer work team circles and other key stakeholders to turn a plan into a reality

  • Helping create a new incorporated co-operative with founder members, a bank account, web domain and technology/communication platform that is flexible enough to evolve to meet our needs as we start and grow

  • Fundraising

  • Concluding negotiations and agreements with Co-operatives UK, setting out our future relationship and areas of joint work

  • Ensuring our financial, governance, and operational framework, policies and procedures are in place for the launch and beyond

  • Putting in place processes and systems for member relationship management, so that we can put into effect a dual membership offer with Co-operatives UK by December 31st

  • Collaborating with and receiving direction from volunteer team circles and the Worker Co-op Council, meeting frequently with them to build out their areas of activity and delivery in line with the plan as it evolves.

If this looks pretty exciting to you, and you think you have what it takes, please get in touch with the Worker Co-op Council by sending a CV and covering email to [email protected]

We will be making decisions in a couple of weeks (after May 19th) so please don’t delay if you’d like to talk further. We invite anyone with general questions to publish them in this thread, whether you are currently a member of the Worker Co-operatives Loomio group or not.