Kilbirnie Connections - Community Oral Submissions

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You recently made a written submission during the public consultation period in relation to the Kilbirnie Connections Consultation for cycling. In your submission you indicated that you wanted to be informed if there was an opportunity for you to make an oral submission to councillors on the topic.

Wellington City Council is providing that opportunity by way of a public forum. This opportunity will allow you to speak to 2 or 3 councillors at a time in a more informal setting. The forum will be held on Thursday 15 February 2018, at St Patrick’s College in Kilbirnie.

If you do still wish to speak, the forum will be held across two sessions. The first session starts at 5pm and the second session starts at 6.30pm. When you respond, please indicate which time you would prefer to attend. We will do our best to accommodate everyone to their preferred session depending on availability.

As described above, the forum will take place in a less formal setting to allow you, and other people making submissions, to better convey your message to councillors. The forums will be made up of a small number of submitters sitting at a table with 2 or 3 Councillors for 30 minutes.

As explained above, the time for participants to speak to councillors will be 30 minutes with the breakdown of the session as follows:

5pm Attendees arrive
5:15pm All attendees seated for a presentation by Cr. Diane Calvert and Council officer Paul Barker, Planning Manager Network Improvement.
5:30pm Submission session begins
6pm Session concludes

The second session, which begins at 6:30pm, will follow this same timeframe breakdown.

Please note, you do not need to repeat the content of your submission because the Councillors will have had the opportunity to read your submission ahead of the forum. This opportunity is a chance for you to provide any additional information, and to talk to your submission directly with the Councillors. You may bring additional material with you to present to Councillors. However, if you do intend to bring electronic material, please let us know, so that we can do our best to accommodate you. If you bring any hard copy material, please make at least 2 photocopies, and bring those with you.

If you would like to attend one of the sessions to speak to your submission, please respond to this email by 12pm, Friday 9 February 2018, and provide the following information:

  • If you wish to attend, please advise which session you would prefer: 5.00pm or 6.30pm; and
    • Please provide a contact telephone number; and
    • Please advise if you intend to bring additional information to present to Councillors (e.g. a USB stick or hardcopy material).

We would like to strongly encourage you to attend the forum to discuss your submission. However, if you do not wish to attend the forum there is an opportunity for you to present during a ‘public participation’ section during a ‘City Strategy Committee’ later this year. Please note that you cannot speak at both the forum and the public City Strategy Committee meeting.

If you have any questions please respond to this email.

Caleb Bridgeman
Senior Democracy Advisor | | Wellington City Council
| M | 027 803 0388
E [email protected] | W Wellington.govt.nz