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Updating OuiShare Values

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Hello everyone,

At the last OuiShare Summit in Badajoz, we started a conversation around our values, asking ourselves if they needed some updating.

We started with a little experiment, that we’d like you to do yourself:
* Write down, from memory, OuiShare’s 10 values (try not to take more than 1 or 2 mins on this).
* Check out what they are here.
* Did you get them right? Do the values still feel right?

When we did it at the summit, there was quite a bit of discrepancy, and we felt that, given how OuiShare has grown, and the developments in our narrative, we might want to update them.

Maud and I have been talking about this, but we don’t want to proceed unless there is the desire for this from the community.

So here is our ask to you: please vote, over the next 3 weeks, if you think we should start a process (which we will design to be as smooth as possible) to update our values, or not. Also, if you’d be interested in getting involved, then comment below!

Here is a doc that summarises some of the discussion and thinking from the Summit.

Happy summer in the meantime!!

Elena & Maud


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by Maud Tue 16 May 2017 6:20PM

Dear all,

We have a (lazy) consent so we're going on with this project!

Thanks all for your feedbacks, that we took into account to design a process to first assess and then update our values.

It seemed to us difficult to conduct the whole process IRL (we don't even know when the next summit is!), but also feel that in-person discussions can bring really valuable insights. So we thought of a process mixing online and offline discussions, with distributed workshops in the different regional communities.

Here a synthesis of the process we think about :

  1. A team of connectors ask the community : do we need to assess our values ? (done)
  2. The team launch the “Value retrospective survey”
  3. Synthesis of analysis of the survey by the team, with proposal for workshop structure to discuss at regional level
  4. Distributed workshops at regional levels to gather feedback and input
  5. Analysis of findings by team, consolidated into one final proposal and submitted to global community on Loomio.
  6. Online discussion, amendments and approving new set of values and associated practices.
  7. Updating OuiShare communication tools

You can read about the detailed process here : https://lc.cx/oowm

We're aware it could be a long process, but as there's no rush it made sense for us to do things nicely.

Please comment in this loomio thread how you feel about it (especially the distributed regional workshops) and if you have any objection to try this process ?

We "meet" again on the 14th with Elena for the survey design, tell us if you want to join the call!

Elena & Maud

We just want to know if people think there is a need, or it would be a good idea, to update our values (we don't want to push work forward if there isn't a need). So please just let us know!


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Tue 2 Aug 2016 9:16AM

I think the current values are still correct, but they are not very strong statements. There are several other values I think we agree on and even talk about as official values, but have not put into words yet. Great initative!


Simone Cicero
Tue 2 Aug 2016 2:27PM

I still reflect myself in the values, not sure this is such an important discussion to have.


Lucía Hernández
Tue 2 Aug 2016 2:39PM

I feel comfortable with the actual values, I am not sure we have to rewrite them, but feel free if you want/need it!! :)


Thomas Dönnebrink
Wed 3 Aug 2016 11:12AM

Given that we as individuals & OuiShare and the society around us changes constantly, it makes sense to revise values and thus ourself at times, even though we might not or just slightly change them in the end. More question when and how. MPRL best?


Donatienne Lavoillotte
Wed 3 Aug 2016 2:28PM

It's still good to take a moment some times and check if the values are still the same or change/evolve a lot or a little, moreover new persons join us :)


Thu 4 Aug 2016 3:11PM

I think is a very interesting exercise to do in this inflexion point that we are living right now. Also Juho´s proposal seems pretty straightforward


Mon 8 Aug 2016 7:58PM

Even if I just joined the community, it could be a good way as new member to check if we share the OS vision and on the other part to embody the values of OS :smiley:


Benjamin Tincq
Thu 18 Aug 2016 7:25AM

Though it's not "urgent" I generally agree with you - especially the comments from Francesca and Maud. So I'm in!


Joachim Lohkamp
Mon 22 Aug 2016 7:43AM

my abstain wants to express the wish for a retrospective and strengthening the implementation of existing values before changing them altogether


Alexandre Bigot-Verdier
Tue 23 Aug 2016 12:42PM

I feel that many people (including all the Qc team) refers to this values as "customers" who read the general conditions before buying a car. Update the people who endorse them to make them OWN the values could be great.Even if the spirit is the same


Alanna Irving Tue 2 Aug 2016 8:43PM

When do people feel like they put the values to use in real life? That might shed some light on how/if they should be worked on in this way.


Maud Wed 3 Aug 2016 10:26AM

I personnaly feel that
* it's not really clear, or at least really explicit, within OuiShare what do these values stand for; are there here to reflect how we do things, how we want to do things? Can we challenge something / some ways of doing within OuiShare if we feel that the values are not endorsed ?
* as Francesca says, there are some values shared in the community that don't appear in our list and that reflect maybe more who we are
* the current values are nice but I dont' see whether we use them to guide us in our activities and decision making, and I feel there's something to try about that
* the list of values was made 4 years ago, OuiShare and OuiShare people evolved a lot, it could be nice to check if it's still aligned


Myriam Bouré Wed 3 Aug 2016 11:36AM

I agree that even if the current values resonates with me, I also think that it's a meaningful moment to take some time to reflect on those values regularly, and after 4 years maybe it's the right time to take some distance and look at them. Personally I also think that some on the values currently embodied by the people in the community don't appear in the list and I would love make them appear, both for the internal alignment and for the external communication. I'll be happy to take part in this conversation :-)


Joachim Lohkamp Mon 22 Aug 2016 7:41AM

generally I think it is a good idea to check in on our values. however before changing any values or entering into a discussion which values we wanted to change we might wanna do s th like a retrospective (Maud) where we look at which values we implemented as a community the strongest and which values we are lacking to implement. after such a process we would have some clearer indicators where our attention is needed and if there is a need for modification or change. I feel we also need to dig a bit deeper and see how we can implement our current values better and only after that to consider changing them.
thx for taking the initiative Elena & Maud <3


Joachim Lohkamp Tue 30 Aug 2016 4:27PM

thx Maud & Elena for the update. would love to join the call but I will be travelling that day. anyway I'll try to join


MAHE GOGUILLON Tue 30 Aug 2016 7:46PM

Hello Maud&Elen, The process sounds good :thumbsup: and I approve the idea for the distributed regional workshop (what do you mean by regional?): According to me, it will be the best way to cross the perspectives, understand different approach cultural. I will be pleased to join the call on the 14th even if my english is not fluent ;-)


Maud Wed 31 Aug 2016 7:32PM

by regional we meant "country" or area, ie, Spain, Germany, France (+ Belgium), LATAM, UK, Italy, NorthAmerica... something like this :-)


Myriam Bouré Thu 1 Sep 2016 9:18AM

@maud1 that sounds great! Happy with the process, which doesn't seem so heavy to me, answering a survey, and participating to one local discussion sounds like doable and I see the value that can come out of this distributed process.


Jocelyn Ibarra Fri 2 Sep 2016 10:48AM

Hey all,

I'm also fine with the values, if anything we have come back to the issue of "Describing the How, not only the What", and risk getting lost in that conversation again.
From my experience of execution (closeness- higher involvement) and reflection (distance- higher objectivity) OuiShare has showed over the past year and a half the distributed manners in which its teams and projects work, so from the questions that Fran and I raised before the first round of community global distribution, it's finally clear to me that the "How" is not necessary.

I do have a question for those reflecting on this discussion: why do you see values linked to physical locations first?

Hugs from Sweden!


Elena Denaro Fri 2 Sep 2016 11:24AM

Hey Joss, I'm not sure what you mean by 'linked to physical locations *first' - if you mean the idea of doing distributed workshops, it's simply a pragmatic way of doing part of the discussion in real life, but recognising that 1. we don't know when the next global summit will be, but it wont be this year, and 2. even at global summits not everyone can make it, especially those outside of europe. So the idea of distributed workshops, was to collate various conversations into a larger one... but maybe i got your point wrong.

Also, the idea would not be to re-write the values, but provide an opportunity to check in and tweak if people feel the need to. Even if the end is no change at all, if seems that with many new people in the community, there is a desire to check in on them, and probably more than change what they are, see how to best implement them - turning them more into actionable functions.


Jocelyn Ibarra Fri 2 Sep 2016 12:06PM

Holis! Elena, thank you very much for your reply.

I also considered –and proposed– to expand the actionable side of the
values; my question is not referring to how this could (nor should) happen, since I won't be part of it.

My question is related to the initial thought that made you propose this discussion: "Why have you chosen to consider a perspective in which values originate in a physical location, or that a discussion on values should start by where communities are"?

Another perspective to explore the OS culture today could have been "Which values are present in the work that a team has produced?", "What are the attributes and impact of ongoing projects?"
Projects and organisations, as we know well, are not totally dependent on physical location; in this sense, they are concepts, and so are values. Since OS has advanced to having available projects to study, and they can speak (be studied) for themselves, I can see that comparing /concept to concept/ would be easier than starting from what physical communities think about values, but you chose a different angle.
That's it. Your exploration is interesting to me because we both talk about culture often :)


Elena Denaro Fri 2 Sep 2016 12:09PM

Thanks for explaining Joss! now i get what you mean :)

I think you are right, that the project level is another really interesting one to consider... as it is indeed becoming increasingly an important unit of collective grouping within OuiShare. In all honesty, we hadn't thought about that - the location just seemed logical from a 'MRLF' perspective, and also that people do work on location basis still within OS. But maybe there is a way to integrate both levels. Would be keen to know what other people think.


Jocelyn Ibarra Fri 2 Sep 2016 12:29PM

Thank you for exploring my answer!

It's still a wonder to me that physical location is the ruler, but then: MPRL is a value and cognitive work isn't, so there's my answer :D

I don't want to turn my question into a conversation here because you are designing workshops to address these questions; things have moved on. My question just happened after validating this morning that the whole thing continued only from that perspective; I got too curious.

Thank you for expanding on this, Elena.



Maud Fri 9 Sep 2016 8:21AM

to @mahegoguillon @joachimlohkamp1 and anyone else interested, we created a slack channel for further discussion on "how" we do it, called #updating_our_values; feel free to join! I'll share there information about our call next week, which is on the 14th from 10 to 11 am Paris time. If you're joining, please confirm it to us on the slack channel; the call will be about drafting the survey, the idea is to come at the call with some written propositions about it :-)


Benjamin Tincq Wed 21 Sep 2016 1:48PM

Food for thought, really like the values set of Unreasonable Group: https://unreasonablegroup.com/our-values/


Inês Silva Thu 22 Sep 2016 1:45PM


Maud Fri 30 Sep 2016 8:25AM

Hello everybody! With the "update values" team, we drafted a nice survey, which is part 1 of our proposed process. Before sending it to everyone, we would like 3 volunteers from different language background to "test" it for us. Please answer in this loomio post or contact me on slack if you're volunteer to try our value survey :-)


Simone Cicero Fri 30 Sep 2016 12:29PM

I can test the italian!


Khushboo Balwani Fri 30 Sep 2016 11:48AM

Hi @maud1 and @eledenaro thanks for this work. I'll be happy to be a volunteer if you want to test the survey :) Let me know.


Elena Denaro Wed 2 Nov 2016 9:10AM

Hello everyone! The survey is now ready, so please go forth and take a moment to think about our values here: https://goo.gl/forms/BqSKorkNztSGGJG42

We will leave it open until MONDAY 21ST NOVEMBER.

We've kept this in the Connectors Loomio because it's about us internally, for people who are really involved to check-in, but that should include ACTIVE members and people in the process of becoming connectors, so please do share it with them and with advisors too.

A big thank you to @simonecicero @khushboobalwani and @manuelayamada for piloting the survey for us!

Also, I'd really like to use some of the outcomes from this for my PhD, but if anyone has any questions or concerns about this please do let me know :)


Elena Denaro Wed 2 Nov 2016 9:44AM

Oh and also, I'm sure many of you will remember me sending many emails asking about a Q study - we only have 24 responses, and the data from that could be very helpful both to the discussion of values and wider conversations about future narratives to develop and focus on. A big thanks for those of you who already did the study, but for those of you who didn't, if anyone wants to then please drop me a line :) It would be very much appreciated :)


Magali Pagnon Thu 3 Nov 2016 7:11AM

Hi @eledenaro I'll be happy to participate to the Q study :) Let me know!


Maud Fri 25 Nov 2016 3:49PM

Hello hello! Did you know the survey is still open concerning OUISHARE VALUES! please take the time this week-end to answer it, it's important we get the answers from all connectors to know what to change or not!! https://goo.gl/forms/DwOIvmZXzaQIlfG82 thank you all :heart:


Maud Wed 14 Dec 2016 5:07PM

LAST CHANCE TO ADD YOUR VOICE TO OS VALUES ! https://goo.gl/forms/55XWPSHrBZL1uVu93 We have 49 answers, and will start working on the data tomorrow... take tonigt to make it more than 50 answers!


Maud Thu 12 Jan 2017 10:35AM

Dear OuiShare people, here a quick update on this work! WORK IN PROGRESS

We started the data analysis end of december with @eledenaro and we can already share with you that we're amazed by the quality of the material we have to work with! Your enthusiasm to answer this survey tells a lot about who we are as a community :-) So THANK YOU for having taken the time to answer to it so widely around the globe and independently of how long you're part of OuiShare.

Because there is so much to work on (and because we cannot work on it full time ;-) ) you will have to be a bit patient to read the first conclusions we draw from it, and join the first workshops. If you want to help fasten it a bit, any help is welcome! You can join us on the slack channel https://ouishare.slack.com/messages/updating_our_values/

Keep posted!