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> What is FairCoin?

>All current cryptocurrencies require you to buy the coins, either through mining or through exchanges. This gives the advantage to those who already have capital and mining equipment, and can afford risky investments. FairCoin is the first project where the coins are not bought but rather distributed equally between everyone who wants them regardless of their current financial status, and promotes equality.

> FairCoin is a crypto currency like Bitcoin. It is a descendant of Peercoin, meaning the block generation is done by PoW/PoS hybrid.*



Panayotis Antoniadis Mon 9 Mar 2015 2:58PM

in our last COMPARE project meeting in Thessaloniki, Brett Scott mentioned some criticism he had regarding the FairCoin. There is some text in this report but I have not found the time to process adequately:


Matthew Slater Mon 9 Mar 2015 3:03PM

Faircoin is poorly designed and poorly communicated and most importantly, I don't believe it is being used.
I don't think we need to criticise it.
I think we need to get away from fiat/Proof of work designs like bitcoin and open up more to CREDIT. P2P credit is democratic money. The question of who money is issued to is not as important as how and where it flows.


Petros At FreeLab Mon 9 Mar 2015 3:08PM

I have some other reservations (mainly political) regarding faircoin, so I am happy it is not just me. :-)

Matthew, would you recommend some concise reading about peer-to-peer credit money system, to let me get updated on what you have in mind? Not my specialty, so I need some enlightenment.


Matthew Slater Mon 9 Mar 2015 3:38PM

For the theory you need to read anything by Thomas Greco. But I think there isn't a lot on that specific subject. Maybe what you need is some more on the theory of money. There is increasingly good stuff around. Don't bother reading anythng which tells you money originated as barter. I enjoyed
Debt the first 5000 years, Graeber, available as audiobook http://www.unwelcomeguests.net/Category:Audiobooks#Debt.2C_The_First_5000_Years_by_David_Graeber.2C_read_by_Robin_Upton
The lost science of Money, which is all about fiat money, focused on US history and prehistory. Ask me for the pdf.
If that doesn't sound good, then tell me more about what you want to read


Petros At FreeLab Mon 9 Mar 2015 3:48PM

OK, I got Graeber in epub (I hate aaudiobooks, they are so sloow and sequential), Zarlenga is being downloaded right now.


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