2022 February Guild Wide Meeting

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Hi Guildmates, @channelGood morning. Thank you for joining the meeting last night and for those who couldn't make it, we missed you. I hope you're doing well. Here are some hi-level recap.

2-2-2022 Feb Guild Wide Meeting   [ Agenda ]

Facilitator - Dave / Secretary - Jerone 


1) Membership Structure Discussion - *** IMPORTANT ***

Proposal to launch new membership structure as pilot will be posted on Loomio via @David Dave soon. For now, check out this link Membership Structure Working Doc. especially if you've been a member for a longer than a year, please do check out the update. We would LOVE your feedback. 

2) STaTS

 - Our minimal Guild TLC tasks are on the white board by the welcome desk. 

- *** Assembling Snow Troopers! If you're someone who can help snow clean up after the snow, please contact STaTS HQ on slack, or reply to this email.

3) Loomio 

- please share your feedback, concerns on Loomio so that we can keep our discussion transparent for everyone. 

- Covid Protocol Update, Finance, Hire PPAC

4) Upcoming 

2/3 Thursday at 6pm EST

- Fundraising/Grantwriting Workshop with @Max

2/10 Thursday 

- Visioning workshop with @Jerone

- Newsletter & IG post submission due by 5pm EST. 

Next Guildwide Meeting

3/2/2022 Wed 5:30pm EST