Tue 10 May 2016 10:32AM

Out In the Park AGM, 6pm , Tues 7th JUNE (not May! Sorry!! )

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Out In the Park is looking for a venue to have its annual general meeting on Tues 7th June at 6pm. Setup would be from 5pm if poss.

The organisation is making changes in response to feedback; and is also seeking more organisers and more diverse community involvement.

Out in the Park is the organisation which coordinates Wellington's annual queer and LGBTQI fair formerly known as "Out in the Square" and which also coordinated the Pride Parade and the Pride Festival in 2016 for 30th anniv of HLR bill.


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Host "Out in the Park" AGM on Tues 31st May 2016 at 6pm. Closed Fri 13 May 2016 10:02AM

by Kat Upenatem Tue 25 Apr 2017 5:49AM

Host Out in the Park AGM on Tues 7th May 6pm (setup from 5pm) -- unless anyone wants to change their abstain to disagree?

Meeting would start at 6pm (setup from 5pm)

The AGM will discuss Out In the Park / Pride 2017. The organisation is seeking to change in response to feedback and become more community based; and to include new organisers. A lot of hope for a more diverse and community based team and event.


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Kat Upenatem
Wed 11 May 2016 12:57PM

Hey friends they want to change it to Tues 7th June. Sorry for the change.
Also, while Out in the Park haven't been very inclusive in the past, some of us are thinking of joining, to try to change this, including peeps from No Pride in Prisons.


Kat Upenatem Wed 11 May 2016 11:33AM

Hi friends, can this Out in the Park AGM be changed this to a week later, Tuesday 7th June, same time, 6pm start with setup from 5pm? Really sorry to ask to change. Do i need to start a new proposal @richarddbartlett ?


Murdoch Thu 12 May 2016 8:12PM

Hey @leilaniavisesio and @lucywheeler is there something about the event we could change to make it better. I haven't followed Out in the Park but keen to learn more about it. Or at least about why we've got abstentions... always want to see people stoked about an event taking place. Is there something we could ask them to do if they want to hold the AGM at Tory St?


[deactivated account] Thu 12 May 2016 8:37PM

That has been O.I.T.Park's rhetoric the last few years (about being more diverse and community minded). I personally don't buy it or attend. I have had bad experiences as a potential organizer or working for the group. I djayed one year only to have my music cut off and played over by one of the board members and organizers. I got an apolgy from the person who hired me and that was it. I think it's awesome that some people want to join and maybe shake it up! But I'm happy to create my own events and with my community.


Murdoch Fri 13 May 2016 3:11AM

Thanks for the background @leilaniavisesio - I had some idea of that but its good to get it first hand, so thanks.


[deactivated account] Fri 13 May 2016 3:29AM

Yeah, thank you for clarifying @leilaniavisesio :)


Kat Upenatem Fri 13 May 2016 6:18AM

Hiya @leilaniavisesio I'm sad (but, sadly, not surprised) to hear that Out in the Park treated you this way in the past. That's really stink and not ok.
So would you prefer that the proposal wasn't accepted for them to have the AGM? I need to tell them what the result is, whether the space will be available to them or not. The reason some of us from No Pride in Prisons are proposing to join in with organising (on certain conditions which have been made clear to the existing people there) is that we do think we might be able to shake it up a bit (better than not trying.) Yep it might be an uphill battle, especially dealing with one or two of the people in that group, to do things differently. Also a lot of individuals have left that organising team and a few new ones have come in so it's diffferent configuration already.
I'm sorry if the words I used in the proposal weren't helpful. Today a post from Gender Minorities Aotearoa highlighted the need for affirmative action empowering minorities, rather than empty rhetoric about diversity. If u like I can provide the notes of main points at the consultation this week with Out in the Park which was attended by some rad friends, and which i think u would like.


[deactivated account] Sun 15 May 2016 10:25PM

I'm not fussed either way but best of luck :)


Kowhai Wheeler Tue 24 May 2016 4:36AM

Hiya @katupenatem is this happening on this date? :) InsideOUT is inquiring about details, thanks


Kat Upenatem Tue 24 May 2016 10:18AM

[edited] Yes @lucywheeler indeed Out in the Park AGM meeting is indeed happening at 19 Tory on Tues 7th JUNE at 6pm.

Many apologies for writing the wrong month before!! thanks to those who flagged this, sorry for confusing everyone!!


Murdoch Tue 24 May 2016 7:32PM

7th of June, right? Given it is already late May


Murdoch Wed 25 May 2016 5:37PM

Um @katupenatem you wrote in the comment when you voted (see on the right) that they wanted to change it to 7th of June. Today is the 26th of May so it can't happen on the 7th of May. There's no problem with the event from this end.


Kat Upenatem Wed 25 May 2016 11:37PM

Sorry!! Thanks Murdoch and Lucy, ! it's 7th JUNE not May!!! Thousand apologies Published the wrong month sorry!! have tried to correct it now; yep the typo was in the title AND outcome (AND subsequent comments and didn't even realise!!) -- it seems not possible to edit that outcome; have edited the other stuff.


Kat Upenatem Thu 26 May 2016 2:08AM

Here's the facebook event: https://web.facebook.com/events/1599421890370911/
Hoping to support more participation by diverse LGBTQAI communities this year / to reach more empowerment of gender minorities or other minorities, have your say at Out Wellington's AGM - Tues 7th June 6pm, at 17 Tory Street Wellington (food provided) - Re Wellington Pride Festival, Tū whakahīhī e Te Whanganui-ā-Tara, Wellington Pride Parade and Out in the Park; they want to invite all who have an interest in what goes into organising these events.
Nominations for Chair, Treasurer and Secretary via email to secretary@outinthepark.co.nz by Thurs 2 June. (I think other structural stuff is a proposal at this stage rather than set in stone.)


Kowhai Wheeler Thu 26 May 2016 5:33PM

All is good @katupenatem :heart: :thumbsup: :rabbit: i wonder if there is anyway i can help? Will be at the agm to support kaupapa. Sorry you are so busy! Here in anyway i can :smiley:


Kat Upenatem Tue 7 Jun 2016 8:43AM

Thanks @lucywheeler :-) sorry i didn't reply to your message on Loomio until now! <3 thanks for your support :-) I guess u were probably busy with other stuff, it went ok and the group will be applying to have another meeting at Tory St. :-) They will send the follow-up stuff and they'll put the donation into the bank account for today's meeting.