Mon 9 Sep 2019 5:03AM

Can I change time format ?

P Pierre-Marie Public Seen by 70

Using schedule voting, only see 7pm which is unclear for french users. Is there an option to convert 7pm to 19:00 h ? Thanks


Robert Guthrie Tue 10 Sep 2019 12:05AM

Yeah, I think we could actually just change to using 24 hour format everywhere and see how it goes.


Robert Guthrie Tue 10 Sep 2019 12:41AM

@Pierre-Marie I've changed the time format to 24 hour rather than adding setting. We'll see how it goes!


Pierre-Marie Tue 10 Sep 2019 6:08AM

@robertguthrie super cool. Thank you for quick answer. Why doesn't it show on my schedule voting yet ?


Robert Guthrie Tue 10 Sep 2019 7:21AM


That's because I made the change in Loomio 2.0 beta, the next version of Loomio we're working on. You can enable this today, for your own user account (it won't affect anyone else in your group), and I recommend it.


Pierre-Marie Tue 10 Sep 2019 7:43AM

would you be able to enable this for https://decide.extinctionrebellion.fr on which I cannot see such beta option available ? Many thanks.


Robert Guthrie Tue 10 Sep 2019 8:00AM

No. That's a private Loomio host and it's up to the person running it to update it. You'll need to contact that person.

It would be great if they enabled usage reporting too (so we know many groups and users there are) because it's important for us to be able to report our social impact. No private data is shared.