Hospitality sector and community organisations working together

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What actions could we develop so that the hospitality sector and community organisations in Wellington can easily work together to agree the right strategy for managing the positive and negative impacts of alcohol in the city?

What role should national government agencies play in this process?

Some things to consider for all these stakeholders might be:

  • Public education around alcohol
  • Responsible hosting
  • Product and service design
  • Event design
  • Self responsibility
  • Whanau and family responsibility

Giselle Bareta (WCC) Wed 13 Mar 2013 4:33AM

In Wellington we already work very collaboratively with social sector agencies and central government organisations such as the Police and Public Health sector. We also have good relationships with some industry groups but these can always be improved. We are really keen to know who you think should be working together on this issue and how...


Clinton den Heyer Tue 19 Mar 2013 11:57PM

As a member of Capital Host I thoroughly support and encourage all of the pro-active measures suggested in the conversation thread above and below c/o Giselle.

The On License industry supports any initiative around public education. We also support responsible hosting, and we suggest that a solution is actively making steps towards supporting individual responsibility also.

I have recently been involved as a Licensee at events which have been praised by Police and Public Health.
The tools we have used to make such events successful are replaceable systems and may be considered for larger scale events such as a Friday or Saturday in Wellingtons CBD. Through communication, many events are now sharing strategies that are successful at mitigating the harmful and negative effects of alcoholic consumption.

Open communication is a powerful tool for progress, and has proven invaluable in cities such as Melbourne.


Lynsey Ferrari Wed 27 Mar 2013 5:08AM

This is promising, Clinton. I believe the wider community, especially CBD residents, business people and workers would support any such initiatives, so maybe bringing members of the broader community together would be useful (I'm thinking of The Wisdom of The Crowd). I'd like to hear more from you on this subject. You are right about communication being important - sharing what works and collaborating on a broader scale sounds good to me.
Still thinking about this...


Alanna Krause (Loomio) Wed 27 Mar 2013 10:14PM

Great to see you jamming together on these ideas @clintondenheyer and @lynseyferrari ! I'm wondering what types of actions you feel might be taken in our community around them, and by whom?


Sophie Jerram Sat 27 Apr 2013 4:56AM

One of the best discussions on this topic I've had offline was with a fellow football parent who happens to work in the alcohol industry. We discussed the idea of customers rating the off-licenses. It was suggested that the ratings could be a determining factor in whether the off-licenses continue to get their license. I think there was some discussion of this in other threads.


Lynsey Ferrari Sun 28 Apr 2013 9:43PM

Strictly speaking off licence outlets are not part of the 'hospitality sector'; they are retailers. Seems to me that the hospitality sector in general is often held responsible for the negative effects of drunkenness in the city which they may have had nothing to do with. It's the proliferation of off licences which concerns me most.


Geraldine Murphy Mon 29 Apr 2013 9:31AM

I support the idea of customers being able to rate off-licenses in some manner. I also think this could apply to on-licenses as well. This should be positioned as providing positive or negative ratings. I thought such feedback could be useful in licensing processes.

A suggestion was made at the Reference Group for a 'Trip Advisor/Trade Me' type approach to do this, which received no support. I had envisaged some way which wasn't a licence to spam but haven't thought about the logistics really. It started from the position that I wouldn't know who to give good/bad feedback to if I wanted to recognise good practices and/or report bad practices - Council, Police, Restaurant Assn, DLA.

The distinction that off-licences aren't part of the hospitality sector is useful for the strategy. They're not part of the entertainment district vision/sector either in the same way as Jim Beam HomeGrown.