Wed 16 Jun 2021 12:00PM

Request: add Soficoop to co-tech + listings

RG Roy Golan Public Seen by 84

Hey all! Roy from Sofi Cooperative here. We're a Jerusalem based software & design cooperative, practicing equal pay, equal ownership, flat management, wellness, and free will in the workplace. 11 members, active 3.5 years, done 150+ projects (apps, websites, designs).


Roy Golan Wed 16 Jun 2021 12:01PM

Would also like to understand how to get included in the services listings on CoTech's main page


Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) Wed 16 Jun 2021 12:10PM

Nice to hear from you @Roy Golan but I'm afraid that the option to join CoTech is only open to UK based tech co-operatives.


Roy Golan Tue 29 Jun 2021 1:31PM

Oh thanks. I didn't realize this until now. What's the international best alternative in your opinion?

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Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) Tue 29 Jun 2021 2:12PM

There is an international tech forum hosted by the ICA -- is that what you are looking for?


Roy Golan Thu 1 Jul 2021 10:35AM

Perfect, thanks a lot!

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Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) Wed 16 Jun 2021 12:48PM

@Roy Golan could you explain how you joined this group, it should only be open to members of CoTech, I see you joined 50 minutes ago, but approval for your membership isn't listed on the membership requests page, is there a way to join without approval?

We do have an open forum, this is mentioned on the front page of this Loomio group.