Participating in GSoC 2020

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Due to lack of time/willingess to work 24/7 on our projects, in order to further develop them I am thinking if we could participate as mentor organization in GSoC 2020.

The Google Summer of Code is a program from Google where students participate in the development of a piece of Open Source software. I think we could participate with the following 3 projects:
1. https://github.com/ellakcy/admin-theme
An Html/Css theme used for admin panel. Because many FOSS Apps may need a complete theme for their internal pages, and many Free themes lack offering a complete solution (because they are just "promoters" for paid themes) so makinh a complete theme with all the required components it may give a solution for many FOSS Apps.
2. Docker moodle and docker moodle compose:
* https://github.com/ellakcy/docker-moodle
* https://github.com/ellakcy/moodle-compose
That project aims to offer a full containarized solution for moodle. Moodle does not have oficial images for docker. There are many solutions but in our case the goal is to offer minimal and easy to extends images for custom moodle setups with the required plugins, focusing on moodle modders.

  • Member app https://github.com/ellakcy/member_app A symfony PHP application offering subscription management for EllakCy's members. Right now is frozen on time, but I am thinking to unfreeze it and with aid from GSoC allowing having a solution for subscription management and easy legal reporting to authorities for non-profit orgs (σωματεία) like ours.

So far I maintain only the docker moodle images. The admin theme and the member app have their development frozen. But with aid of GSoC we could unfreeze them and give them a dev boost and actually that the only goal that I have.

So I would love to discuss:
a. Are we willing to do that?
b. Can we be ready for that? (I mean having a communication infrastructure, web channel ready for it, enough mentors etc etc)


Theodotos Andreou Sun 3 Nov 2019 7:28AM

Sounds Interesting. How can we apply?


Dimitrios Desyllas Sat 9 Nov 2019 1:24PM

Well on https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/how-it-works/ there's the schedule for GSoC 2019. As far as I see on Jan 15 orgs apply until Feb 6.

I think what we need are:
1. A website for announcing the projects we can offer.
2. A common and easy way for students to communicate and ask for help.
3. Documenting project requirements. The requirement is not only the technical ones that the project needs to fullfill, but also:
- Training material, keep in mind that many participants will apply for the project in order to maximize their learning experience and learn stuff. So eg. for the HTML/CSS admin theme many of them will not know HTML/CSS. How we can handle that?
- Time Scedule on many Greek Univercities, unfortunatelly exams will come at the start or in the middle of the exam period.
- Selection criteria: Which priorities will take place on selecting a student ot participate?

Also in order to be successful we need a way to communicate and promote this action as well on universities, IEK's (Idk f similar institutions exist in Cyprus) etc etc.

I think we should start refining our project documentations and our needs. The one that I will need most of the help is the Member registration app. I mean I am not currently living in Cyprus hence I cannot understand our org's needs for member registration and management.


Theodotos Andreou Sun 10 Nov 2019 6:09AM

My suggestions:

  1. We create a 'Projects' page under our Wordpress
  2. Our matrix channel
  3. Just one: Show interest! :P

I have communication channels with all the Universities so I can take care of that as soon as we have something to announce.


Dimitrios Desyllas Sun 10 Nov 2019 12:59PM

Ok I think for now is to decide what our projects need and get ready the webpage, then we store it offline and afterwards on the appropriate time we launch it on air. The code is already hosted on github (due to lack of other services) and using github for now is the most common thing to do.

Also I think during the "Community Bonding" to organize in parallel some training events and use the https://edu.ellak.org.cy to offer training material required for each project. This is too much for me in order to pull it off alone.

According to the training material and training courses we need are:
1. Docker training course (I can pull it off in Greece with parallel events)
2. Unix (Bash) Shell scripting (I can also can organize event but even though I know how to shell script I find it hard to explain, how perhaps an online presentation would suffice)
3. HTML/CSS (as you can see the theme is UGLY, hence some volunters on design and organizing the events and materials is needed)
4. Webpack training course (Well some material on https://edu.ellak.org.cy would suffice)
5. PHP (I can manage by organizing an event in Greece, perhaps we can do it in parallel in Cyprus with some livestream/web call)
6. Symfony (Well I can manage it.)
7. PHPUnit (I manage it as well.)

To sum up for Docker, PHP, Symfony and PHPUnit are tech stack used in our projects and I can organize in Greece some events for training our future GSoC participants. For organizing the event in Cyprus it may be hard but with a prallalel Livestream I can do it. (At the same day presenting in Greece and Cyprus, also it would be beneficial for people outside Athens as well.)

In case of livestream what solution you thing would suffice, I would love to have foss plugin with an embeded player though our website or even a dedicated github pages in order to let github manage the traffic for it.