Sat 24 Oct 2020 10:15AM

Error on Poll Service Expire Lapsed Polls - SideKiq entry

G Giuseppe Public Seen by 42


My Polls are not closed automatically anymore and I also get not notifications via email or in the loomio notifications box.

This is the screenshot of SideKiq. Any Idea what is happening? Is it on my site? Any ideas to fix this?


Robert Guthrie Sat 24 Oct 2020 8:00PM

@Giuseppe - That's really strange. I'm not sure how that's happening. It seems like your database has some values that are causing a crash, but I don't know how.

You've run all the migrations and completely restarted? And if you clear the sidekiq queue they come back?


Giuseppe Sun 25 Oct 2020 7:47AM

I did the steps like described in the installation guide.

sudo docker-compose pull 
sudo docker-compose down 
sudo docker-compose run app rake db:migrate 
sudo docker-compose up -d

I did not try to delete the sidekiq que. How can I do that? Just in the sidekiq UI? I will try.

I noticed, that comments are not saved anymore when I try to answer to a comment in a thread. After clicking the send button, the edit mode is still active and the comment was not send. Maybe this is also a hint for a malfunctional database? How can I solve that?

I also noticed that in the error message there is always the same objext_id:  [object_id=47076847256240]

Could I just found this and delete the entry?


Giuseppe Sun 25 Oct 2020 10:46AM

I realized, that posting a commit in another group on the same server works well. So, indeed, the database may be damaged... 😕.


Robert Guthrie Tue 10 Nov 2020 8:57AM

Hi @Giuseppe - I've been wondering how you got on with this issue. Any progress? Let me know if you've found any new information.


Giuseppe Wed 18 Nov 2020 6:46PM

No - not yet :(.

Currently, I am running a server from my home, that is an old laptop running ubuntu. I am planning to use an provided server. I will then see, if the problem is then still existing. If not, we know maybe that the problem probably is because of the configuration of my machine.

By the way - is it possible to export and import the database them to the other server?


Robert Guthrie Wed 18 Nov 2020 7:01PM

Yes, you can just copy the loomio-deploy directory between the machines (after stopping the services) and update the env file


Giuseppe Tue 22 Dec 2020 12:24PM

Hey @Rob Guthrie. I just wanted to tell, that the Poll Service is working now, since I moved my server to another host. So I am glad, that this is working now. Unfortunately I did not found out the root cause. The only thing I noticed is, that on my old server, I did not install the loomio deploy as root user, but as a local user. Maybe, this caused the problem? This seems to me the most probable problem. And I saw that in the installation manual, it is also clearly written to use root user.
Whatever - It works fine right now for me! Hope this thread may help someone who could have similar problems in future.

As always, thanks for you help @Rob Guthrie