Wed 10 Nov 2021 11:44AM

Communication Campaign!

F Finn Public Seen by 16

What do we want from a communications campaign? Add your ideas below!

. Falmouth Food Coop Leaflet: I'd love for there to be a leaflet summarising the food coop, and all its different sectors (kitchen, pavillion, localiser + loveland). We could distribute these throughout shops and houses of fal and penryn. I (Finn) have illustrator friends who may be interested in designing.

.Loveland mini film: Again, i'd love for there to be a mini film to cover the whole food coop, but individual mini films on each sector would also be great. A film introducing loveland, how to get involved, our plans and visions. Finn also has a friend interested in filmmaking who may interested in this!

.Social media activity: More posts + activity to improve the outreach of Loveland. Regular updates on whats happening on the land, and reminders of ways to be involved and what help is needed. Events made into Facebook events, even volunteer sessions!

. Community Feast on Loveland: Get people back up to loveland! Could give a big update of the land during the feast! Weather dependent